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  1. chillinwill
    A man who recovered from addiction to club drug GHB has relaunched his support website for other addicts.

    Jay Evans has put knowghb.org.uk back online educate and assist those in the UK affected by GHB and GBL.

    A ban on GBL (gamma-butaryl lactone), came into force this month. It converts to GHB in the human body, which is already a banned substance.

    GBL is used to make paint stripper and nail varnish remover. It is easy to obtain via websites and its use has increased among gay clubbers.

    It was classified as a Class C drug after the death of Brighton student Hester Stewart. The drug can kill if mixed with alcohol or in an overdose.

    Critics have said the new classification does not go far enough. Hester's mother Maryon, who campaigned for GBL to be made illegal, said the drug should be a Class A, as it is in America. Drugscope said it would be easy for sellers to produce new, legal compounds.

    Evans set up the website in 2008 but had to temporarily close it due to mental health problems.

    He said: “I have decided to reinstate the website as I have been increasingly concerned that since the classification of GBL the government and drug organisations are still not providing enough resources for those that have been addicted to this substance.

    "Since I have been through my withdrawal, which I did alone with little medical assistance, I have been gathering as much information as I can to assist GPs and the local drug counselling services to help those that are addicted.

    "My addiction, compare to others, was very short and thus the effects were not so severe. I have watched others disintegrate and commit suicide following their withdrawal which is what I hope to prevent.”

    Evans added that research showed people could still easily obtain GBL over the internet.

    He said: “I have discovered that some websites are now using a business supply scheme that enables them to continue to provide GBL. Anyone who owns a business, whether a limited company or not, can easily obtain GBL via the internet. Anyone providing this information and obtaining membership can easily order GBL in bulk for sale on the UK club scene. It is our intention to get the websites closed for good.”

    This summer, the first specialist clinic to help GBL addicts was set up in London.

    Dr James Bell, a consultant in addictions at the Maudsley Hospital in Denmark Hill, said users could become addicted in weeks.

    Jessica Green
    December 29, 2009
    Pink News


  1. nicholas
    Thanks a lot for this great information, any idea about where the clinic would be ?
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