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    A former footballer has been jailed for more than two years after being caught with £20,000 of designer drugs.

    Ex-Ayr United and Morton striker Alex Williams was arrested after police swooped on an Audi car in Pollok, Glasgow, in September 2011.

    Two carrier bags were found to contain methylone and naphyrone - stimulants only made illegal in 2010.

    A judge heard how a severe gambling addiction had prompted Williams to turn to crime.

    The 30-year-old admitted being concerned in the supply of the drugs when he appeared at the High Court in Glasgow.

    Co-accused Kristopher O'Malley, 26, also pled guilty to the same charges.

    Williams was jailed for 32 months and O'Malley for 27 months.

    Passing sentence judge Michael O'Grady QC said: "You must have known and understood the gravity of that course of action and understood its potential consequences for yourselves and indeed for others.

    "However, you chose to take that chance."
    Playing career

    He told them that although their involvement was said to be "limited", every "link" in drugs chain has to be recognised and custody was appropriate.

    Williams started his playing career with Stirling Albion as a teenager.

    He later moved to Morton and then had a spell on loan with Queen of the South.

    His other clubs included Armadale in Australia; Scottish sides Ross County, Clyde and Ayr United; and Republic of Ireland teams Dundalk and St Patrick's Athletic.

    He was released by Stenhousemuir in summer 2011 after a season with the Second Division club.

    15 February 2013 Last updated at 13:03
    BBC News - Scotland


  1. Pain Hurts
    Many many pro footballers are on these drugs. Some play while on them. A former team trainer of a major Euro league team told a few of us while I was on vacation in Europe several years ago. Not that I needed his word. Hope he gets everything straightened out and this charge is history. if I had their money and connections who knows what i would be doing.
  2. thirdeyelasik
    I must say that I'm surprised to see that he had naphyrone. It has been awhile since I've heard of that and it seems like the crazy low dose range it has, along with the really high increase in heartrate it wouldn't be a good fit for an athlete. Wasn't aware there would be a market for naphyrone?
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