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Former Juventus and Chelsea player denies Cocaine use

By klaatu, May 14, 2006 | |
  1. klaatu
    May 12, 2006


    Rome, Italy (AHN) - Former Juventus and Chelsea forward Gianluca Vialli on Thursday denied reports that he used cocaine, saying he had never ingested the drug.

    Vialli, a television commentator in Italy, also denied through his lawyer any involvement in an ongoing investigation into an international drug ring.

    Vialli was mentioned as cocaine user in Italian media reports about the arrest of former Juventus player, Michele Padovano.

    Padovano was charged as alleged member of ring trafficking hashish from Spain and Morocco.

    He denies "ingesting" it??? I persume that doesn't actually include snorting/smoking or injecting it. That's the same as Bill Clinton's response when challenged about smoking dope when he was a student that he "never inhaled".....



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