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Former Last.fm executive claims marijuana turned him into a rapist

By Rob Cypher, Dec 1, 2012 | Updated: Dec 1, 2012 | | |
  1. Rob Cypher
    Stefan Glaenzer, the former chairman of Internet radio provider Last.fm, pleaded guilty recently to allegations that he sexually assaulted a woman on the London Underground in August.

    The millionaire and current chairman of the investment group Passion Capital told a British magistrate that he’s used marijuana for years and was on “a drugs binge” when he committed the crime, according to the BBC.

    The London Evening Standard reported that police spotted Glaenzer thrusting his pelvis against a woman who has not been named. The Standard added that his attorney told the court that “he has smoked drugs for some considerable time, but has never experienced anything like this,” adding that he had “in fact he had taken cannabis” shortly before the assault.

    The judge reportedly objected to the attempted excuse, saying the offense may have been planned. “Your drug use is an aggravating feature, not a mitigation,” magistrate Jessica Baldwin reportedly added.

    Glaenzer, now facing jail time, is due to be sentenced in December.

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    30th November 2012


  1. source
    Exactly. Jesus, weed isn't going to make you do something like that all of a sudden, especially just out of nowhere!! He's a sex pest anyway and getting high probably just made him more confident to commit the act in public, exactly the same as drinking alcohol would do.
  2. Großschmackhaft
    For once, i really hope the stories of prison rape are real. Seriously, his statement sounds like it's from the USA in the forties.
  3. nitehowler
    You would think that being a millionaire this bloke could have acted a bit smarter and looked for sex in a different way its hard to believe he would do something so stupid and blame it on dope.

    I hope for the sake of morality this guy gets the treatment he deserves.
  4. trdofbeingtrd
    This reminds me (and all other crap happenings) of Bill Hicks "positive news story" where he talking about the guy that jumps off a building while high on LSD.

    To paraphrase-
    Bill hicks is acting as if he is starting a news story and starts out "today a young man on acid thought he could fly and died, what a tragedy" and goes to being himself and says "what a dick, quit ruining it for everyone, if he thought he could fly why didn't he take off from the ground first".

    Basically, it's just irritating as all hell when people do things they do and try to use _____ as their excuse because the people who are ignorant of what _____ actually does just buys into it and all the sudden _____ is seen as bad, evil, and extremely dangerous. In reality, the person is not just doing more damage to ______ reputation but as well as to all of us because any positive attributes or effects that ______ can do for us or give to us is now banned away.
  5. 9806
    If he's a UK citizen, he'll be going to jail here meaning he won't get a ps3 or ps2, just a ps1 and Wii. Along with TV, and monitored access to internet. It's complete BS. Google 'UK prisons' and you'll see how screwed up it is. There has been at least one person who refused to pay a speeding fine because he had no where to stay.
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