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Former NFL QB Mark Brunell Claims Weed Ruins Lives, Calls For Increased NFL Testing

  1. Rob Cypher
    Former NFL quarterback Mark Brunell appeared on ESPN this morning to warn viewers of the scourge of marijuana, claiming it destroys the brain and ruins lives while demanding the NFL step up its testing and enforcement of an anti-weed policy.

    His claims were in response to Ryan Clark's recognition that many NFL players use the drug to cope with the chronic pain that comes from laboring in such a violent sport.

    Brunell made the declaration moments after claiming Eli Manning is an elite NFL quarterback, among the league's best five at the position. We can only imagine what substance one must smoke in order to come to that kind of conclusion, and that the former Jaguars star is both intellectually and financially bankrupt.

    Timothy Burke
    Feburary 7, 2014



  1. CannabisTobaccoAlcohol
    Re: Former NFL QB Mark Brunell Claims Weed Ruins Lives, Calls For Increased NFL Testi

    The scourge of marijuana?

    I cannot understand why the media, interviews brain damaged athletes and presents the information as if it were factual. I think football destroys brains and lives, and intelligence. The last person on earth to ask for advice or information is a football athlete who gets their brain's smashed into their own skull for a living, in the future I hope people stop giving air time to people who spread misinformation.

    These athletes could prevent or even heal their brains with Cannabis (not marihuana, the incorrect government created term this athlete referred to it as).

    What can we do, the world is filled with misinformed people who believe the reefer madness nonsense they learned as kids and as adults continue to speak about as if its the truth, I would like to see his proof of brain damage from cannabis, or proof of destroyed lives.
  2. mgdude21
    Re: Former NFL QB Mark Brunell Claims Weed Ruins Lives, Calls For Increased NFL Testi

    This dude needs to put his football helmet down, and pick up a blunt. Seriously, any body who think's cannabis damage's brain cells has about as much knowledge about drugs as Nixon did when he started the war on drug's. This is backwards thinking.
  3. SitDownBrother
    Re: Former NFL QB Mark Brunell Claims Weed Ruins Lives, Calls For Increased NFL Testi

    There's some sad irony. He'll probably need some good medicinal when he's forty or fifty and suffering from dementia from repeated blows to the brain.

    Just keep drinking Mark, alcohol is only toxic to every living cell in your body.
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