Former Olympic Skater drugged with GHB

By nEone · Apr 22, 2008 · ·
  1. nEone
    From Fox Sports news -

    SWIM has never seen GHB in pill form.

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  1. Senor Gribson
    Since when does GHB come in pill form? "partially dissolved pill"... it sounds like some reporter who watches too much TV heard a rumour and ran with it.
  2. RunRedFox
    that would have to be a fucking huge pill... most pills usually weigh somewhere between 250-500 mg's, GHB is extremely fluffy as well. You would need an absolutely massive pill as 2 or more grams would likely be necessary...

    alot of athletes take GHB for athletic reasons.
  3. MotherSuperior
    SWIM used to in SWIMS body building days. Reason, helps sleep and is supposed to increase production of NATRUAL Growth Hormone.

    SWIM had to reconsider SWIMS position when SWIM fell asleep cooking and woke up naked in the street with firemen in the house and neighbours outside.

    SWIM still cries when landlord made SWIM get rid of A LOT of this, in the bin... but SWIM likes shelter.

    SWIM used to 'melt it' into spoon, remembers 2ml spoon. 1 spoon was dose, 2 spoons got SWIM buzzing 3 SWIM knocked SWIM RIGHT out... nothing since Seconal has knocked SWIM out like that. POTENT. But yeah GHB is pretty maliuble with a little heat and can be moulded in pretty much any shape.

    *edit* Request to explain how GHB drug got maluable, well SWIMS close friend used to make this stuff in SWIMS friends kitchen, SWIM used to get a few lbs at a time. The shape was literally of whatever just whatever the GHB had cooled at solidified in. For dosing, SWIM used to measure SWIMS GHB SWIM used to shave the main block and put the scrapings in a small crucible and heat up. The GHB would liquify pretty quickly, SWIM then used to poor 'wax' like soloution into 2mul plastic pharmacy spoons(2ml) and weight to solidify. When set SWIM used to just knock out GHB that had solidified in spoon and pop in mouth(urghhh SWIM recalls salty taste). SWIM found only problem is that GHB is VERY VERY easy to OD on(see above) getting high and need abou 4ml's and getting unconcious required about 6-7mls. SWIM never wanted to deliberatly get unconcious and burn house down but didnt factor in previous doses correctly when taking extra doses. SWIM also used to obtain GHB from local 'book shops' when it was not illegal here, this was in liquid form, SWIM hears of the liquid form often but believes it's the 'pure' from disolved in a soloution. It certainly was not very strong.
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