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  1. buseman
    A former pharmacist who was on the state Health Department's board has paid $225,000 in administrative fines and costs related to an illegal drug sales investigation.

    Haskell Lee Evans Jr., 69, of Lawton, paid $75,000 each to the state narcotics bureau, the state attorney general and the state pharmacy board.

    Evans pleaded guilty Wednesday in Oklahoma County District Court to three misdemeanor drug-reporting offenses. He agreed to spend five years on probation — a type that means he will have no criminal conviction if he violates no further laws.

    He still faces a felony charge in Lawton that accuses him of recklessly selling drugs that can be used to make methamphetamine. Prosecutors said the felony case will be dismissed in two years.

    Evans quit the Health Department's board and sold his pharmacy after a state grand jury indicted him in July 2009.

    Attorney General Drew Edmondson said Wednesday, Mr. Evans has surrendered his business, his license and his livelihood. As such, he will no longer have access to the drugs he illegally sold. I am satisfied that this agreement adequately punishes Haskell Evans.


    September 9, 2010


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