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Former Utah city councilman charged after shooting a second dog while intoxicated

  1. Rob Cypher
    Former Tabiona, Utah city councilman Rickey Evin Wilberg was charged yesterday with possession of a firearm by a restricted person, possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia, intoxication and discharge of a firearm after he was arrested on February 6, 2013 in the shooting of his dog.

    Michael McFall of the Salt Lake Tribune reported that someone in the area heard gunfire and called 911, and Wilberg allegedly told the responding officers that he’d shot his dog twice. Officers then reportedly noticed a marijuana pipe and that Wilberg smelled of alcohol, and said that, upon request, Wilberg showed them his marijuana in a prescription bottle and was arrested.

    This is not Wilberg’s first arrest related to a dog-shooting: he was forced to resign from the city council in 2011 after shooting his neighbor’s teacup chihuahua puppy, Rocky. Wilberg told police that he’d been drinking vodka at the time of the shooting and was annoyed by the puppy’s barking. He was charged with intoxication and animal cruelty, a felony, in the case, but pled to a misdemeanor animal cruelty charge and paid restitution to his neighbor.

    When Wilberg was arrested in 2011, Geoff Liesik of the Uintah Basin Standard reported that he owned several daschunds. News reports do not indicate what breed of dog Wilberg allegedly shot in this case.



  1. coolhandluke
    im pretty sure in the courts when someone is responsible for an animals death the courts don't/won't allow pain and suffering law suits, they only recognize the actually price of what the breed of dog costs.

    what a strange story, i wonder if he was just annoyed by the dog barking and decided to shut it up. i personally had to shoot my dog when it became old and sick, much cheaper than the vet, and it was not an enjoyable experience at all but is better than paying a vet if you own guns and have some land somewhere.
  2. RoboCodeine7610
    Why are people so protective of dogs?? We shoot animals all the time, and then we eat their flesh with barbecue sauce.I wouldn't shoot a dog for the fuck of it, I wouldn't enjoy it either.But who cares if some old lunatic shoots his dog?It's gotten to the point of flat out stupidity.

    Let me clarify: If you're constantly arguing against killing animals and eat meat, you're both an idiot and a hypocrite.

  3. hookedonhelping
    As a owner of three pitbulls I am sickened by people who abuse dogs or any animal that they do not intend on consuming. I would have a hard time not torturing this guy if he hurt one of my animals.
  4. Frmrjunkie
    Civilized society does not consume dog or cat meat for sustenance Robo...

    These animals should be our loving companions, part of our family. At the very least perform duties to make our lives easier.

    As an animal owner, worked exclusively with animals for many years, donate time & money to animal activism the thought that so many abuse & neglect animals; especially their companion animals utterly disgusts me.

    IAN- sorry for my lack of "political correctness" if I'm ever in India, which I likely never will, I have no problems abstaining from eating beef. If I even find myself in a country that consumes dog, cat, beetles, spiders; well I shall stick to fruits & vegetables. Never meant to be offensive, as you put it, just saying that eating dog & cat is not the norm.
  5. ianzombie
    Thats pretty much insulting any society that eats dog meat as being savage.
    To indians the cow is sacred, perhaps they consider people who eat it as savage.
    Jews dont eat Pig.
    Every culture has things it eats that others would think wrong.

    You think eating dog is wrong probably because in our culture they have moved up the ladder from domesticated working animal to pet.
    Personally i would have no problem eating dog if i was somewhere that sold dog meat, no more that i have any problem eating cow, goat, deer, horse or pig.
  6. RoboCodeine7610
    No offence intended, but they're "meant to be part of our family?"What makes them more important than a goat or a pig?The fact that, because of the nature of their behavior, they seem more "human"?

    People project human emotions on these animals, but this is completely misguided.Dogs don't do anything "for you" consciously, nor do they feel love in any remotely human way.If you ever passed away locked in with your dog for a couple of weeks, he'd eat the shit out of you...

    I completely understand the feelings of connection that a pet may evoke, but sometimes, it gets to the point of complete irrationality. I've had pets in the past, and loved my pets of course, but would have no problem with some stranger killing his cat.Just because I feel love for a pet, it doesn't mean I delude myself into giving it human feelings.

  7. RoboCodeine7610
    You know what? I think my position and mild hostility towards "animal lovers" deserves an explanation:

    When I was 9 years old, I lived in a house by the sea in the Canary islands.Next to my doorstep, about 2m. apart, was a door that led to a hallway.The hallway lead to both some apartments and the other side of the street, which you had to walk through to go anywhere.

    I forgot what where I was going, but I remember like it was yesterday that I went through the hall that day, waiting for my mother.As I waited, I saw the two maltese dogs the neighbor had and usually wandered around the building.

    It was a normal day, and I had grown used to seeing them around on their own.Until they started barking really loud at me, they'd never done that before.I had done nothing but pace back and fourth waiting for my mother to get out of the house.I hadn't even talked.

    Before I knew it, they were attacking me.I had no idea such small dogs could be so strong, but they were, specially at age 9.They bit me in the knees, ankles, arms and ears.A few minutes into it, I fell to the ground, and they kept biting me.By chance, a neighbor passed by and immediately got them off me, which is the only reason I didn't end up with any really serious bleeds.

    As I was being stitched up at the emergency room, my trusted doctor made what to her, seemed like a very logical comment: "I love dogs, and have always been an animal lover.I can tell you without a doubt, that no dog would attack unless you provoked them".She said this with a complete lack of emotion, the same emotions she seemed to be able to muster for her fucking dogs.

    Maybe it's just me, but when people start putting dogs over human children, some serious antipsychotic medication is warranted.

  8. Frmrjunkie
    Robo, I agree too many people put their pets upon a proverbial pedestal.

    Do I have & adore my dog? Sure...have I always had one or even multiple pets? Absolutely

    That being said, I'd never tote my dog around in a Louis Vitton bag, show snap shots while others are showing off their kids & if it came down to another human life or my dog...well unless the human is a serial killer sick fuck well the dog will die & human saved.

    Dogs are great company. They care not what you look like, smell like, hair done, makeup on, put on weight...all the want is to make their master happy. They are no comparison for human companionship. That being said, Daisy is 3 & she's still around while the 2 boyfriends over the past 3 years are not LOL This, though, is likely my fault with my solitary ways, lack of settling & usually adamant refusal to put up with other people's shit cuz well I have enough of my own :D

    Sorry you had a bad experience with dogs. Especially as a child, that will put you off dogs for life. There's a saying & it rings rather true...there's no bad dogs, but a shit load of bad owners. All the years I worked with dogs I found the smaller breeds to be more aggressive & hard headed this is due to people thinking they're small & can do little to no damage which is of course untrue. My Rottweilers were exceptionally trained & behaved. Can't say they never would have attacked, as they did once, but they were protecting me & the second I caled them off they released their jaws, but stood there snarling, waiting to make sure I was safe.

    Honestly in all the years I took care of animals, the one that terrified me was this 30 pound Tom cat that would follow me around growling...he was smart & like his food & area cleaned. With newspaper in hand, ready to smack him down, told cat if you fukn attack me you're gonna starve til your people return. From that moment forward he hid every time I came in.
  9. RoboCodeine7610
    Well that's a very rational approach.I'm not against loving animals, I've always loved my pets.I'm just against the type of people you describe.

    Actually, I think that just like children and their parents, there are both bad dogs and bad owners, albeit the former is probably less common with domesticated breeds.

    I completely agree that could have easily been the case, and I respect that stance.That's because you've said "trained and behaved", and that's fine.The delusion sets in when people say their dogs don't bite people because they're just good, or somehow moral and aware.

    Thank you, but that's not the case actually.I have friends who have dogs and I do enjoy their company.I'd have a dog myself if they weren't so much work.I'd never harm a dog for no reason, but when it comes down to it, I'd kill it without blinking if it ever attacked a child, or any person for that matter.

    As long as priorities are straight, they can absolutely be great company and very useful, much more so than cats are, even though I prefer cats because they're a lot less work.

  10. Phenoxide
    This isn't so much about the life of a dog as it is about the mentality of a human that exterminates one with such trivial motivations. I sure wouldn't want to raise a family anywhere near a nutjob like that for fear that one day it'd be one of my kids that annoys him by making a bit of noise rather than a dog.

    Why was he even permitted to possess firearms when he had a recorded history of using them while intoxicated? Some mighty fine gun control there Utah.
  11. Hp Rush
    I agree meat is meat drastic situations call for drastic measures but then again I wouldn't just shoot my dog cause its annoying me that's what a newspapers for.
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