Former WWF Star Killed by 'Hillbilly Heroin'

By Phungushead · Apr 12, 2009 · Updated Aug 7, 2013 · ·
  1. Phungushead
    Lano.TestPosing.jpg "Hillbilly Heroin" cause of death for Martin

    Findings by the Hillsborough County Medical Examiner have determined that an overdose of the painkiller Oxycodone, known slangly as "Hillbilly Heroine" led to the death of Canadian pro wrestler Andrew "Test" Martin.

    As reported by the United Kingdom's paper, The Sun, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Vernard Adams filed Martin's autopsy report, determining that the ingredient caused Martin's passing. Dr. Adams further described the death as, "accidental."

    Martin was found dead in his apartment on March 14, just a few days short of his 34th birthday. Dr. Adams began the autopsy the same date, according to the report.

    Martin got his big break in wrestling in the late 1990s with the then WWF. Throughout his two tenures with the Fed, Martin would capture numerous titles with the company and be part of several long-running feuds, the most high profile being his engagement to Stephanie McMahon, which led to Vince's daughter marrying Triple H. Martin would also spend time, briefly, in TNA.

    Martin's body was discovered after a neighbour who was able to see into Martin's apartment in Tampa reported to police that he had been motionless for several hours. The Whitby native had recently completed a rehabilitation program. Speaking with SLAM! Wrestling on March 15, Martin's father, Bob Martin, described that Test, "was putting a real fight up. He did that. He was here at Christmas, and he was just great and we had a great time. January, February, March, he phoned. We had great chats about a lot of things. He knew it was going to be a struggle with him forever but he was willing to do it."

    As reported by The Sun, Oxycodone has been linked to many deaths in the United States, including the passing of WWE Hall of Famer Sherri Martel and actor Heath Ledger.

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    With files from The Sun (UK).

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  1. pinksox
    Sad. But very common theme in opie OD's. Person is recently out of rehab or self-imposed cessation and falls off the wagon. Making the stupid decision to dose what they're used to...despite the fact that they no longer have the same tolerance and over-do it.

    Another reason why, if one HAS to fall off the wagon, they shouldn't do so alone.
  2. Mr. Bob
    I second Pinksox's comment. It's a very real situation many are all too familar with. Tolerance goes down after trying to kick, and then an OD from seeking that high.
  3. beentheredonethatagain
    34 years old, what a shame .

    you know that pro wrestling has seen more than its fair share of drug related deaths. either from straight out drug overdoses or from heartattacks caused from steroid use.

    there are so many dead pro wrestlers who died before age fifty and many in their 30's. the suicide rate is also high.

    the human body can only take so much abuse then it will start shutting down.
  4. ro3bot
    swim figures if his career got him free oxy then he'd be more susceptible to dying like this but can rest assured that his finances will prevent something like that from ever happening
  5. yasky
    SWIM'S heart and prays goes out to Andrew "Test" Martin, his family, his loved ones and fans!!
    What a tragedy! It's a real shame what these Men and Women put there bodies through for the sake of titles, money and fame!!

    Isn't this weird? every 2 years a wrestler dies
    2005 Eddie Guerrero
    2007 Chris Beniot
    2009 Andrew Martin
    whats going on?? :confused:

    R.I.P Andrew "Test" Martin
    March 13, 1975 - March 17 2009​
  6. guldenat
    I'm confused, do you mean to imply that his profession had something to do with his death? I don't think the article says that at all.
  7. Nature Boy
    The average life expectancy of a pro wrestler isn't great. It's an extremely harsh business which requires physical abuse and a year-round touring schedule that really wears people down. Not being a real sport, there are no unions and there is no drug-testing requirement although the WWE have recently started testing for steroids due to the negative publicity that goes with all these wrestlers dropping like flies. The lifestyle of a pro wrestler can often result in cocaine or opiate painkiller addictions too so all-round it's a pretty tough racket. And there's far more than just one death every two years. Check out this list of wrestlers who have died before the age of 65 since 1985:
  8. Stu Bai
    Test was great back in the day. It is pretty hard for the wwe to pursue an active drug policy when the chairman of the company has quiet obviously seen the pointy side of a syringe far too many times in his life. It is very much a policy of ''dont let us see you, and we wont go after you''.

    I remember back in the attitude era when half the roster were potheads and were proclaiming 420 live on the air. Good times.
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