Fort Benning bans salvia

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    Fort Benning bans salvia
    "It's a very dangerous substance."

    Officials on Fort Benning are talking about salvia- a purple plant that can be chewed or smoked. Police say it packs a punch.

    "It gives you a high like marijuana. It's very intense. It's short-lived. It lasts anywhere from 1-10 minutes and only takes 30 seconds to a minute to take effect," said Detective Clarence Rambo with Military Police Investigations.

    After six recent cases of soldiers being caught with it, those who live and work on post are now restricted from having or using salvia or any non-controlled substance used to get high.

    "Soldiers have intense training on Fort Benning. Soldiers are operating vehicles, they're exiting aircrafts, they're firing weapons. When introduced with a drug or drug-like herb, what can happen is, you can put yourself in danger. People can get injured," Detective Rambo explained.

    Salvia has been on the market for a few years but police say more and more local teenagers are getting their hands on it.

    "This is a very commonly abused drug in our area right now," said Eddie Ingram, Chief Deputy for the Quitman County Sheriff's Office.

    Although several states have banned it, the government has not made it illegal.

    Salvia can be purchased at local head shops for as little as $20 and it even grows free in gardens.

    "It's worse than marijuana ever thought about being because it has the same effects on a person as LSD and PCP. It's a hallucinogen. Anything that alters the brain can kill you or cause schizophrenia or brain damage," Ingram said.

    Military Police on Fort Benning say the ban includes soldiers and civilians.

    Civilians caught having or using salvia face administrative sanctions.

    Soldiers could face counseling, demotion, a lose in pay & allowances and even separation from the army.

    The director of Fort Benning's Substance Abuse Program says salvia can be tested for.

    Authorities are urging parents to research salvia and its effects as well as another plant called khat that produces the same effects as methamphetamine.

    By Lindsey Conne
    Posted: Mar 11, 2010 3:18 PM

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  1. Nycholai
    Thank god we have chief deputies to inform us of the science behind drugs...
  2. junkfuck
    This is one of the most sensible pieces of reporting swim has seen in a long time... While it does have its bias, it does state that some drugs are worse than others, some drugs probably shouldn't be tolerated for use among soldiers, salvia is significantly more dangerous than pot, and the information included, for better or worse, was mostly correct and factual.

    Although, if we are speaking from the sense of whats good and bad for our soldiers, while salvia might be horrible for them, then why complain about something as stupid as khat. Cathinone is so FAR away from being as potent as meth, saying they are identical is bad reporting. And besides, the military STILL gives soldiers methamphetamine and amphetamine in IR tablets called 'go pills'. Shit, we want super soldiers so bad... there should be a candy dispenser filled with adderall and desoxyn (and modifinil for 'stimulant pussies') in every mess hall available to whomever chooses to use them, and 'no go' pills to slow their roll. Hell throw in painkillers and muscle relaxers too. Not every soldier would use them, not every soldier would abuse them. But swim would feel safer knowing 100k+ troops are tuned to high gear on speed (harder, better, faster, stronger) being able to react more quickly and more intelligently, being able to score far more kills to losses... Especially if the US ever ends up at war with china. Soldiers aren't Spartans, 300 of us would get completely raped by 30,000 Chinese. But swim is quite sure that about 500,000 soldiers high on speed using our tech would kick the entire billion man standing army of China... Sure most of them will probably also be high as hell on speed too, but speed is so much more efficient when one is using advanced technology... Our speedy soldiers would be exponentially more efficient with every extra piece of technology added to their arsenal, it would be like an unstoppable wall of amphetamines and armor plating hahaha.

    Okay maybe amphetamine dispensers are a bad idea, but military doc's prescribe those pills like candy as it stands anyway. Swim knows many military men who have taken, but probably wont admit to taking amphetamines, quite regularly. It simply makes sense to give soldiers pills that make them 100 times better at literally everything. They can choose to take the safer 'go pill' provigal nowadays, but it isn't required. Psychedelics are recreational and spiritual, the last thing swim thinks we need is a bunch of soldiers suddenly planting flowers and putting down their guns in hopes the enemy will discover peace. Nah, swim would much rather our soldiers be tweaked out on pills that will cause them to be 5 times more efficient at killing twice as many enemies than they would normally without stimulants, and at the same time be far more vigilant so they would have a significantly better chance of surviving.

    Besides, swim can only imagine the rush one would get while on speed given the ability to legally kill as many people as possible, in an intense environment, with all the nerdy guy toys that our soldiers love so much. Whether we like it or not soldiers are trained to be KILLING MACHINES. Hahaha just imagine the boost in performance one man would have simply because he is actually having a crapton of fun killing hundreds of people, with that extra rush that while one is killing hundereds of people at at time, one is also doing it unbelievably effectively.

    Swim feels any soldier who chooses not to use go-pills in combat is a total FOOL. What kind of soldier would give a crap about heart disease at 50, when the pill might actually keep him alive until then... Maybe some really don't want to take them. Swims advice, if in the military, and can obtain go-pills USE THEM! Your career, and your average life-span will thank you for it.

    Ahh the military, total nirvana for gear-heads with the balls for combat. Speed to kick ass, benzo's to go to sleep only to wake up the next day, speed, and kick ass yet again.
  3. Coconut
    Careful, you're salivating everywhere. I know the image of mass killing is known to induce an erection or two.

    Ironic that soldiers would be banned from taking a "very dangerous substance". They're just mindless drones in the eyes of those at the very top anyway. It is especially amusing given - as junkfuck has pointed out - the prominence of demonstrably more dangerous stimulants and hypnotics in the United States military.
  4. junkfuck
    Swim had 3 erections thank you very much hahaha. :laugh:

    Although swim would never join the military, he can certainly see how it could appeal to a tweaker :p... The habit is pretty much taken care of and the comedown is taken care of... Hell even a bottle of good pain pills every now and then aren't too much to ask.

    But oh no no no don't you ever think about replacing those benzos or opiates with weed, and don't you ever use psychedelics to help you find the logic in killing hundreds of people... They might just kick you out...

    And the shameful thing is, if you want pot to sleep and relieve pain in the military, the argument against that is opiates and benzodiazepines are proven and someone whose overall life expectancy is significantly shorter than the general population shouldn't be concerned with drug safety as opposed to how their 'proven' drugs 'significantly increase' the survival rate of every soldier that uses them. And as for salvia, ask for that and the doc on base would laugh and prescribe you 300+ desoxyn tablets a month, and kick over some free prozac 'just in case'. What you don't think it is morally right to kill people??? Well salvia won't help you there... Have some desoxyn, take 10 of these when you wake up and those nasty thoughts of America killing innocent people will be gone with the wind. And just in case you still might not pull the trigger on someone who 'looks like he might not be an enemy', take that prozac and blow his fucking head off.

    Although the military severely botched it's drug use risk assessment in this case... Okay maybe it wouldn't be very awesome for someone with PTSD to trip on salvia, but then again someone on salvia probably wouldn't know a gun from a wall, so they probably wouldn't murder all of their comrades. But the military lets soldiers eat amphetamines like candy... with that being said, someone with PTSD + amphetamines and sleep deprivation =???? Swim imagines that the ???? can best be filled in with: violent behavior, realistic flashbacks (hallucinations), extreme paranoia, delusions... etc...etc...etc... Sounds like a perfect recipe for rampage. (Of course the media would call it an act of terrorism)...

    Now why again did that AMERICAN islamic PSYCHIATRIST soldier, gun down all those people... Think: American military + Occupation: prescribing shrink = 'go pill' (amphetamine) addiction??? This soldier. as a psychiatrist, prescribing himself medication is probably easy and not all that uncommon, swim has observed the military has many more 'loopholes' and people willing to overlook certain activities than general society. With that said, amphetamine psychosis might be just about as likely as radical extremism.
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