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Four 9 year olds suspended for selling Marijuana at primary school

  1. SamanthaRabbit
    Some pupils are understood to have handed over their weekly pocket money to pay for the Class B drug.

    The boys were caught at Cherry Fold Community Primary School in Burnley last Friday.

    The case highlights the rising number of children experimenting with drink and drugs at an increasingly young age.

    Doctors warn that cannabis, which can lead to depression and schizophrenia, may be particularly harmful for this age group.

    Prince Charles visited the school earlier this year and was told about the work of a charity to improve the emotional well-being of pupils.

    The boys’ parents are waiting to see if their suspension will be turned into expulsion. The mother of one of the boys claimed their behaviour was a symptom of broken Britain and the levels of crime and disorder on her housing estate.

    The woman, who cannot be named, said her son had told her he had sold the cannabis for another boy.

    ‘I’ve questioned my son and he’s told me that he felt like he was being pressured to collect money and hand out drugs,’ she said.

    ‘He told me there was an operation where one child would take the money and another would hand out the drugs. It’s shocking and unbelievable.

    Children should be able to go to school without feeling pressured into selling drugs.’

    The single mother, who has five children and lives in a terraced house, said: ‘My feelings are mixed because my son says he felt like he was pushed into it, but at the same time I teach my children right and wrong.

    ‘I’m disappointed in him and he has promised me it won’t happen again.’
    The family, who live on the edge of the notorious Stoops Estate in Burnley, claim the area has seen a rise in anti-social behaviour among young children withmany drinking, smoking drugs and starting fires in empty houses.

    The drug dealing incident was uncovered by teachers and police were immediately called in to speak to the pupils and their parents.
    Each boy is below the age of criminal responsibility and has instead been told to complete a youth referral order.

    This means they will have to agree a contract – between three and 12 months – and their behaviour will be monitored by a panel of community volunteers and experts to ensure no repeat of the offence. The boys will not have to disclose the incident to any future employer.

    Outside the school gates parents were horrified that children so young could be caught up in drug dealing.

    Pete Young, whose three-year-old daughter attends the school, said: ‘It is disgusting but in a way I’m not surprised. Sadly, it is the way this town is going. It’s terrible.’

    Deanne Marsh, acting head at the school, said: ‘It would not be appropriate for me to comment further as we take our pupils’ confidentiality and safety very seriously and we are still looking into all the circumstances.’

    Last updated at 7:39 AM on 6th October 2010


  1. anarchyangel
    Wow they just get younger and younger dont they?
  2. cra$h
    This ain't nothing new really. This has been a common thing in some major cities (I think in germany, but don't quote me on that). They get kids to hold product like coke or heroin and give it to the paying customers. Most the kids don't realize what's going on and what cop is gonna suspect an 8 yr old kid for dealing drugs?
  3. corvardus
    Burnley and the surrounding area is a hell hole, it's depressing just driving through. It is worse to live there.

    It doesn't surprise me one bit that the children are being exploited in such a fashion or are, indeed, taking it themselves. Since they know they are effectively immune from prosecution and they likely get some extra spending money for the privilege.
  4. Spucky
    AW: Re: Four 9 year olds suspended for selling Marijuana at primary school

    Hmmm, we have the Kurdish - and the Kosovo-Albanians Mafia and some Stateless People, they all use Children until the age of 14.

    Because they are immune from prosecution!
  5. Synaps
    It is very uncommon that children as young as 9 years old sell drugs to their peers at school, and I doubt it will become a trend. Children this young do not have that much money to spend on drugs and they are not very covert while dealing/using. But as for using children to hold and run drugs, that happens when children are pretty much left to do whatever they want, either because they do not have parents or that the parents just do not give a shit. It is terrible, but nothing new or shocking.
  6. mickey_bee
    But hey, it's just a symptom of 'Broken Britain'!! I fucking love that meaningless phrase.
    I really doubt it was a case of actual dealers using kids to run the product, as that almost never happens with pot in the UK. Runners are the reserve of the heroin and crack trade. These were just kids playing about with pot, mainly to look cool.

    But hey, that's Broken Britain for ya!
  7. Euthanatos93420
    Fuck I hate doctors. Not only is this not true but it's based on the taking out of context all the studies that have shown it isn't.

    As for the latter half, I rather I agree with the sentiment but it just goes to show how willfully ignorant we are because of prohibition.
  8. mickey_bee
    Swim has got to say that he smoked cannabis too young, in his early teens. He had to stop due to cannabis' effects completely changing, and starting to have a very very noticeable effect on his mental wellbeing.

    Friends who he also smoked with at an early age also had problems, with one being repeatedly admitted into a psychiatric ward, as a direct result of cannabis use. Swim hasn't seen that guy for years, smoking cannabis too young really did ruin his life.

    Don't get swim wrong, alot of the harms of drugs are massively exaggerated, but no drug is harmless, and cannabis definetly can cause sever mental problems in some users, particularly those who start smoking at a younger age.
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