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Four Loko to Stop Shipping Alcoholic Energy Drinks to NY

  1. Balzafire
    Less than a month after alcoholic energy drinks stirred up controversy for hospitalizing dozens of students who drank them, the New York State Liquor Authority has pressured the maker of Four Loko -- the top-selling caffeinated alcoholic drink -- to stop shipping its product to vendors there by the end of the week.

    The agency also reached an agreement with the state's largest beer distributors to immediately stop placing orders for malt beverages that contain caffeine and other stimulants. They will be given until Dec. 10 to clear their inventories of the potent blends, which have been linked to at least two deaths since August.

    "New Yorkers deserve to know that the beverages they buy are safe for consumption," said Gov. David Paterson in a statement, indicating he would push for a permanent removal of alcoholic energy drinks from the market.

    The deal with distributors was made after discussions between industry leaders and the State Liquor Authority failed to conclude that the drinks, colloquially referred to as "blackout in a can" and "liquid cocaine" for the effect they produce, are safe for consumption. Retailers will be given some additional time to sell off their existing stock.

    New York's action comes on the heels of others states, Michigan and Washington, banning them outright. The Food and Drug Administration is expected to take action and announce how it plans to regulate the industry as soon as this week.

    As part of the deal, Phusion Products, the company behind Four Loko, has agreed to fund alcohol awareness programs to educate licensees and consumers about the dangers of binge drinking.

    A day after New York regulators announced the ban, Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal also renewed his call to the FDA to ban the controversial drinks. He first urged the agency to investigate the products last November in a letter signed by 17 other attorneys general; in his most recent appeal, Blumenthal said a year of "mounting and alarming evidence" that the drinks are not safe merits nothing short of a nationwide ban.

    "Alcoholic energy beverages are a witch's brew of stimulants and alcohol, creating wide-awake, energized drunks who pose a serious threat to themselves and others," Blumenthal said in a statement.

    The controversy surrounding the trendy drinks with names like Four Loko, Joose, Torque, and Liquid Charge stems mainly from the marketing behind them. Although they pack anywhere from 6% to 12% alcohol in gigantic 23.5-ounce cans -- the booze equivalent of five or six beers -- and as much caffeine as a cup of Starbucks coffee, they come in flavors like grape and watermelon and in flashy containers that look nearly identical to non-alcoholic energy drinks and iced tea. Critics have said the deceptively innocent presentation fools consumers into believing the products are safe, or at least not dangerous, and the caffeine masks the effects of the alcohol, creating a "drunk-awake state."

    U.S. Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) asked the FDA in July to ban the concoctions from the market, arguing that "manufacturers are trying to mislead legal-age adults while actively courting underage drinkers. This is dishonest, irresponsible, and wrong," he said in a statement.

    Gergana KolevaGergana
    Nov 16th 2010


  1. Enlightenment
    Thank god for the the end of the four loko stupor. swim was totally there the other night, blitzkreiged beyond belief because of that vile concoction. never again, haha
  2. anarchyangel
    SWIM for one is very happy to see them go. SWIM drank a "crunk juice" basically same as four loko 12% (honestly felt like more) +all the stimulants and got totally sick puked, felt like shit,blacked out for a bit and felt like shit untill he smoked the second blunt. SWIM has consumed four loko on mulitple occasions. SWIM always felt like they were ripping an ulcer in his stomach every time he consumed one but not to mention the strain on ones heart from stimulant+ depressant. One of the main ingredients is death in SWIMs opinion. Glad to see them go.
  3. EscapeDummy

    Really now, like you won't ever be that fucked up in the future on regular, non-caffeinated alcohol :laugh:
  4. mickey_bee
    This is so stupid. It's just a combination of 2 drugs. Of course it's going to have a different effect.........
    If you binge drink, i.e. get pissed, then consuming lots of caffeine additionally is obviously gonna cause other, probably after a while very nasty, effects.

    It's not some deadly new drug - it's just common f**king sense. Arrrrggggggghhhhh!!!!
    It's a nanny state in the UK, but at least you can still drink double vodka red-bulls lol. Not that I do, I think they're rank....
  5. coolhandluke
    gut rot in a can, aka, four loko is total trash. mostly saw girls drinking them, took a drink once and made up my mind they were nasty as hell.

    i wonder if this applies to jager bombs, ie, a shot of jager dropped into a glass of red bull energy drink, then swigged back.
  6. Steelshot
    I don't really understand why they're banning them, all you need is a bit of common sense. I usually have one of the Rockstar ones, along with some beers for predrinking. I guess now I'll have to buy the drink and alcohol separately >_>
  7. EscapeDummy
    I think jaeger bombs are safe. In swim's experience, jager bombs are something you do when you can afford to buy jaeger, which for a lot of college students isn't every week. unlike four loko, i know people who drink one thurs-sat consistently, along with other alcohol. They really are marketed towards college students and high schoolers looking to cheaply get fucked up.
  8. SlightlyBitter
  9. Steelshot
    I guess that's fair enough, but couldn't this just be solved 100x easier with some sort of a big warning label on it? It seems like Canada's safe for now so I'm kinda lucky but I really liked those cheap ass ones that are like a dollar in the US.
  10. ninjaned
    This makes swim want to cry. How can we call ourselves a free nation when we can't get bombed on supercaffinated-megabeer? Now swimmers everywhere will have to resort to pouring vodka into redbulls again. We need these energybooze! What else will keep us awake when our bodies pussy out on us by trying to pass out?
  11. SlightlyBitter
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