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Four men arrested for allegedly smoking marijuana in NJ police parking lot

  1. Moving Pictures
    New Jersey state troopers have arrested four men for allegedly smoking marijuana in the back of a police station parking lot Tuesday.

    A state trooper was preparing for a night on patrol at the Totowa station when he noticed a strong marijuana scent, state police said.

    He walked toward a 2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue and found three men with small bags of marijuana allegedly in the open. They were waiting for a fourth friend who was visiting the station to pick up paperwork for an impounded car, according to police.

    Police said they found 15 plastic bags of marijuana and more than a dozen suspected ecstasy pills inside the car.

    State troopers at the station immediately arrested the suspects. The fourth man later emerged from the station and was arrested as well.

    The men, who are in their early 20s and from Paterson and West Paterson, were arrested and charged with drug possession, police said.

    By NBCNewYork.com



  1. EndlessKnight
    How stupid can you be? While I think most drug laws are draconian some people just deserve to be in jail for sheer stupidity.
  2. homegirl808
    STUPID! Oh man.... What a bunch of morons. I can't feel sorry for these men, that was a really stupid move on their part. I can understand being risky but this wasn't a smooth move.

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