Four students taken to hospital after taking Snurf herbal ecstasy

By cra$h · Sep 9, 2008 · Updated Sep 9, 2008 · ·
  1. cra$h
    SNURF= "herbal extacy". Actually high concentrations of DXM
    This is what really pisses me off. Stupid fucking kids who try new drugs in school. Terrible. God forbid anyone who does their homework... This happend last year in the same school district, but with suboxone. Kids with no opiate tolerance taking 1/2 to 1 pill, first time used in school. They thought they were dying so they went to the nurse. Fucking kids....

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  1. Richard_smoker
    Re: Four students taken to hospital

    yeah, this story is enough to make me see red! SNURF! what a joke!
  2. Alfa
  3. cra$h
    I have connections to this school, and the story goes one of the kids said he got painkillers from his uncle, and they all took around 6 each. Anyone know exactly how much dxm is in one of these little fuckers?
  4. DiscipleofXs
    I'm researching the news article on this, which originally appeared in Fox. Most other news articles are citing Fox on this, which makes it highly unreliable. Another Snurf incident was reported from June 2, 2007 in Unionville High School (somewhere in Pennsylvania), in this one 8 students were sickened, and some were given the substance baked in cookies.

    In America the "Poison Candy" myth is a popular way to ignite latent racist/conspiratory fears, which led me to investigate further, leading to today's news story.

    So far the only sources cited are the packaging and a post in Urban Dictionary. Not very reliable sources. Some people here seem to know what it is, however there is a 2005 post listing plants no one could find, as well as the dextromethorphan, which is also being quoted, but not cited anywhere.

    Can anyone give me any reliable information on Snurf?

    DiscipleofXs added 2 Minutes and 1 Seconds later...

    Please email replies so I can find them easier. If you post replies here for everyone else, I don't mind. It seems most of you who know anything about Snurf don't think much of it.
  5. Junket
    Good job DARE. You did a great job making kids not want to do drugs.
  6. cra$h
    Yea, I've gotten the same amount of data. It seems as if snurf is some kind of double secret covert operation. No exact numbers anywhere.
  7. chillinwill
    Here is another article that I found from


    Council Rock School District Superintendent Mark J. Klein said his staff usually has ears to the ground when it comes to staying on top of dangerous teen trends.

    But yesterday, the district was stumped when four sophomore boys at Council Rock High School North in Newtown, Bucks County, became ill after ingesting pills known as Snurf.

    According to a release from the district - which cited the pills' packaging as the source of the information - Snurf is an "herbal supplement with mood-altering properties."

    On several blogs, Snurf users liken it to the drug Ecstasy.

    "We did the Google and found out more than we needed to know about it," Klein said.

    According to the online Urban Dictionary, Snurf is a pill available on the Internet through herbal dealers. It is often advertised as an herbal supplement, but generally consists of pure dextromethorphan, or DXM, a drug found in many cough syrups that can act as a hallucinogen if taken in large doses.

    Klein said the 10th-grade boys took the pills in a school bathroom during lunch and started to feel the symptoms "almost immediately."

    "To the best of my knowledge they were simply sick, sick to the stomach," he said. "They were not in an altered-state-of-mind kind of situation."

    School administrators identified the four students who took the pills when one of them reported to the school nurse.

    Klein said that the boy in possession of the pills handed them over without incident.

    Although only three of the four boys showed signs of illness, all four were taken for treatment to St. Mary Medical Center in Langhorne, where they were met by their parents.

    Newtown Township Business Manager Jean Tanner said police would analyze the pills to determine if they contain any illegal substances.

    Klein said that the pills can be purchased over the Internet but that it would be up to police to decide the legality of the pills.

    A Drug Enforcement Administration spokeswoman said she had never heard of Snurf and did not think it was a controlled substance.
  8. Panthers007
    Pure DXM (Dextromethorphan) take in capsule (or pill) form does have a tendency to upset the stomach. So this jibes with the DXM hypothesis. Seems these money-grubbing shits want you to believe that DXM comes from the magic Goomba-Boomba Bush that grows on the island of Rumboogie. I'd like to think we know better. These people should be poisoned.
  9. allyourbase
    in swims earlier days. swim has seen a relatively average c student become a gibbering idiot in two years through habitual and chronic DXM usage. cognitive dysfunction is a real possibility, and quite frightening when one considers the implications. (i.e. you will then be something less, and not the person you'd been)
  10. DiscipleofXs
    This is almost verbatim of another article I read, it's source was the fox article. This article is going back to fox. The funny thing is that the article is LOCAl to the story, but still parroting Fox

    DiscipleofXs added 2 Minutes and 31 Seconds later...

    I saw you posted on the Snurf article a few years back, in 2005 on this site, can you tell me any independent source that could verify that Snurf is real and not some hoax?

    BTW Is your Avi portrait from "Clockwork Orange?"
  11. cra$h
    Like I said, swim's got connections to the school. One of the kids had to have his older sister sit by his bed all night because he was trippin. And the connection was acutally in the nurse when the kids came in, and said they were all pretty fucked up, exept for the one kid, who faked popped the pills.
  12. RoboCodeine7610
    Same old shit...some supit retard puts DXM in capsules and says it's "legal ecstasy"...
    I don't get it, they're nothing alike.
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