By nofunclub · Mar 19, 2016 ·
  1. nofunclub
    soon there will be no more freedom of listening,
    reading , watching,speaking or feeling..
    fight for this freedom. no matter what.

    I will mind my own business,
    but our business IS MY BUSINESS.
    I finally got my ass out of my sofa.
    I just need to start running.
    Not away.
    Not to hide.
    But towards where I'm going to build by barricade.
    Close your eyes and see.
    look at my air castle.
    how beautiful it is going to be
    Come visit me in my house of glass
    Bring your elephants and dance
    we will dance together
    at last with the liberty to listen, to read ,
    to watch,to speak and to feel..
    look , how precious our freedom will be

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