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French farmer fined for 'deworming' ducks with cannabis

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    A French farmer has been given a one-month suspended jail sentence and fined 500 euros (£428) for feeding his ducks marijuana to rid them of worms.

    Police arrested Michel Rouyer after they discovered 12 cannabis plants and about 5kg (11lb) of the drug during a visit to his home after a theft.

    Mr Rouyer said there was "no better worming substance" for ducks and that his flock was in excellent health.

    A police spokesman said it was the first time they had heard such a claim.

    Mr Rouyer, who lives in the village of Gripperie-Saint-Symphorien on France's Atlantic coast, did also admit to smoking some of the marijuana.

    19 November 2010



  1. Balzafire
    Oh, great. I never much liked ducks anyway because they can be so demanding, but this guy has created a bunch of little quack addicts.
    ...wonder if it mellowed them out any?

    I can almost hear the groans...... ;)

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