From Heaven to Hell and back Again Pt.1

  1. ShadyknightSC
    04-20-2014 Heaven is All Around

    Woke up late to my lovely girlfriend 'K' telling me to get up and ready for family's Easter dinner grilled for family for the first time, big deal to them and myself. Hadnt had a family hoiday since I decided the 'Life' was more important to me than my own family, nearly 4 years ago. But this girl had changed my priorities, her family welcomed me as an equal and I was off Crystal!! after 3 years of everyday creation and consumption. Life was Normal again and it was getting better everyday.
    We left to return home and stopped to see B, whose birthday was 2 days prior, and check in on him and smoke a birthday bong. First time I'd spoke to him in 54 days, because of trying to keep the squares out my circle and stay clean, had been for 54 days. And I slipped, not thinking of the fact it was a FAMILY day.His brother, and my old cooking partner G, was there for family dinner. We stopped speaking 56 days ago because he was unable to maintain a grip on priorities and seemed to not care to use caution in his craft or the people he let be around. You can only try so many times to get some people to realize how ' Out in the Open' they are before self preservation takes over. Myself and K made it a loud point that we were so very proud of the last 54 days free of Crystal, despite our urges for the past few weeks. Bullshit and sincere apologies and hugs were given, it was like a big Dr phil reunion
    G proceeds to tell me how great his batches have been turning out for the last month, always did seem to get better in the Springtime. I wasnt surprised he so readily wanted to talk 'shop', having been a bystander, then student way back when i was running hardcore. I tell him to prove it, in a half-sarcastic way. He says he has no bowl, it 'disappeared' and offers up some "turbo-chino", we figured we were far enough along in our walk that we could handle it, since we used to be pretty 'In Control' of the drug (-_-)so when my K confirms it to be ok, we shared a cup of coffee and a filter, relapse? ish?
    Started to bullshit and asked G if he had another way to get down, he said no but B has a foil and he only had a lil bit left and he didnt plan on gettn right today

    We hit the foil and proceeded to talk about past points when i used to always be with him, I thought to myself how much I wasnt a fan of foil or really smoking it in general and proceeded to pass on hitting on the 3rd go around...Relapse?

    He of course mentioned he was in need of materials to bust one off and i mentioned i had 2 rolly bowls and a few other things i had come across the past few months, like the spikes i got for him several months ago...And that's when he changed gears...

    we where off to the store(s) and to give a signature for the first time in months, getting denied was not even a thought anymore
    it didnt take long before we had run to 3 or 4 different retail stores and were heading back to the spot (which i called the 'bat cave')

    Upon arrival, he began to beat around the bush in his own dumb way that he wanted me to hang out and assist in the process. Ironic to the point that it had always been myself running the show until stepping back from the fuckshit.

    After a quick pow wow with the old lady, i agreed to 'bust one off' with him for old times sake. and we quickly got to it, K had no desire to be around it and found some friends to hang out with until we finished.
    So, we had nostalgic moments, talked out some issues that were part of why we stopped working together in the first place, and made quite the impressive bag of tricks. K arrived not long before we finished up, bringing with her all the items that we had for him. among this and that were some insulin syringes which i had bought in bulk around the same time we stopped speaking. I flashed these to him and he got a lil bit to happy...(side note: he had never used IV meth until the day I brought K over,the same day was the first I'D seen her in 2 years, and he let her hit him and it was an instant new favorite ROA for him) anyways, he hands me the first filter from the cook, weighing .7g and tells me to split it 3 ways...not wanting to disappoint, i do just that, blindly excited to taste what i had been craving for 54 days. I quickly set up our rigs and tied off. This marks the first time(of many in the week to come) time I slipped a lil, it was so much product when mixed with water that I pulled up a mix of filtered/unfiltered dope. The shot was great, for falling off the wagon.I intentionally didn't do a heart stopper like he had intended us to do, leaving a verrrrry thick cotton in my spoon. but i was more interested in getting my share of the take and getting home to get freaky :D with my girl. We hastily said our goodbyes but not before offering B and his girlfriend a ride to get paychecks the next day. We handed G everything we had for him, little tweaker odds and ends, promised we'd get up with him tomorrow and away we went, riding dirty smelling like a S/B cook for the first time in a long time.Knowing that the awesome night we had been planning on was just a few miles away. Paranoid, excited, swearing that I wouldn't let things get out of hand like they used to be, I would control Tina this time, everybody relapses was 2:30 am Monday, 4-21

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