From Heaven to Hell and back Again Pt.2

  1. ShadyknightSC
    04-21-2014 Heaven Goes Up and Comes Back Down...?

    The feelings of fear and paranoia were all to familiar as we turned off the relatively empty highway into our nighborhood. In my mind at least, we made out pretty good considering the track record of G and his famous 'Slow motion Lifestyle'. He performed the majority of the duties, handing off to me during the lull in the RX. Other than that I stood around and bullshitted and got just shy of a gram in pocket. K is much more sceptical of G, not fully sold on what all just occured on Easter Sunday a few hours ago. I step through the door while making a clear point, for the 4th time in 30 minutes, that I won't go back to manuf. and this is just what we had been talking about for 3 weeks, we about to get our freak on :)

    having developed an amazing, honest, open relationship over the past few months while fighting Tina away. We were ready to really let loose, both of us being Bisexual, we had been talking of reversing sex roles and incorporating Tina into the mix to bring my inner Chic out. By the time I wash the nasty coating of L4B off me, get things straightened up around the house and start making our 'breakfast' the sun is peaking through the window. Now the one we did at G's, .7 split in 3, was not that good...but theres a reason for that. About half of it was still in the cotton on the spoon and it was hard as a rock, I proceeded to mix up our first real dose in 3 months with full intent to have at least one of us cum in our panties. When the time came, after sticking me in my left, while im 'Biting the blanket' in a bliss of the rush I missed so much, K calls attention to my right, which I had used last night at G's for the first, not so gud, shot. A dark blue and light yellow bruise had formed all around the injection site, in a very small time period. Shrugging it off, we playyed hard and everything we had hoped it would be turned out to be true, except for the instant O for myself :( Oh well, we had to go to DSS and a few other places so we left and knocked things out with a sense of accomplishment. But the 'spun' feeling was ever prevalent. We did our running here and there, had girls softball Game that evening, K is pitching coach, I catch for them just to lend a hand and burn some of the extra energy I had. Got w ay to Fired up over 10U girls and had to go sit in the car til she was done. Some of K's friends came along and commented on the fact I looked 'jackd', I was, but tired and had minimal T left.
    When we left the Field G called and asked for a lift to which I complied, I was going there anyway to get a few HydroCo 10 from his mom .We arrived and K handled business with MiMi while I found out what G wanted...More signatures for another round tonight, I complied and by 9pm we were at it again, this time I was equally involve, by request much to my unhappiness and K left to burn sum bud. She arrived back around11:30pm, We werent even close to finished. The take was minimal, .6 but i didnt care Finally got out of there around 1230, taking G to a trailer park known for production, didnt even pull in, dropped him off at the entrance and home we went. 10.6 miles to home and it's 1am Tuesday 4-22
    RELAPSE is now TAXIING the theTarmac

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