From the heart

By Mr Bumble · Jan 9, 2017 · ·
  1. Mr Bumble
    The voices in my head tell me what's right
    But the heart draws me to you
    And if it all goes south I'll take it a man
    Deep down I know it's wrong but i'll fight to make it right

    Heaven is a cold night wrapped round your warm soft body
    In that moment I forget that you don't love me the way love you
    So I close my eyes so I won't see the love you don't feel for the love I feel for you

    Just love true like you once did before I put that doubt in your head
    Just love me like I love you, I just want to look in your eyes and feel the power
    I just want love, true, hold me and let me feel it

    I wrote this because it's how I feel, it's how things are, I'll do my best to bring back that magic but i guess there comes a point where you got to walk away. Sad but true. It's crazy how I can be in love but heart broken at the same time

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  1. LuckyCharm87
    Wow this is 110 how I feel too. It's so painful and wondering why. Beautiful writing
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