Frontline "The Meth Epidemic" has my Panda wondering....

By Jibbtastick · Jan 26, 2012 · ·
  1. Jibbtastick
    Polly the Perverted Pink Polish Panda and i were watching Frontline for some reason at 2am on PBS. Polly finds it odd that when meth is talked about, images of people with sunken faces and marks on their skin from picking are always brought up. Polly uses meth almost daily and exhibits none of these symptoms. unless of course polly decideds to stay awake for several days having loads of hot sex. but thats rare as its hard to find other Pink Polish Pandas.
    All kidding aside though am i missing something, am is my panda a freak of nature? Crystal will kill you yes panda knows this. but so will smoking, and excessive drinking. and panda does neither of these things, in fact panda had never smoked nor drunk coffee. and Pandas heath is always very good, while other pandas are sick with the flu my panda only gets about 1 cold a year if that. but whenever panda stops smoking the jib panda gets colds all the time.
    Maybe im missing something, maybe the meth has driven me into psychoses and im just a blabering idiot. none the less i find this entire topic odd.

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  1. makin
    it's called the propaganda panda thats the one with the bad skin and sunken eyes
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