Fulda teen charged with check forgery blames salvia addiction

By Euphoric · Mar 9, 2010 · Updated Mar 10, 2010 · ·
  1. Euphoric
    Fulda teen charged with check forgery blames salvia addiction

    WORTHINGTON — A Fulda teen facing check forgery charges after allegedly writing checks on the accounts of both his stepfather and grandmother told law enforcement he was addicted to salvia, a psychoactive plant that causes euphoria.

    Joshua James Kindel, 18, was charged Wednesday in Nobles County District Court in two separate case files. One file charges him with two felony check forgery counts, the other with two gross misdemeanors.

    The complaints state Kindel’s stepfather informed law enforcement Jan. 4 of 12 stolen checks he believed were taken by Kindel.

    One of the checks he received back from the bank was written out to Kindel, and the signature on the back matched the signature on file on a Nobles County Jail booking form. Surveillance video from the bank where the check was cashed showed the person cashing the check matched the description of Kindel.

    Checks had also been written at area gas station, restaurants and other Worthington businesses. None of the signatures on the checks matched the stepfather’s signature. The total of the alleged forged checks was more than $1,000.

    On Jan. 26, a woman met with a Nobles County deputy and said she believed her grandson, Kindel, had forged checks on her account. He had stayed at her home, along with other relatives, during the Christmas blizzard. One of the relatives found the woman’s checks on the floor and out of order.

    When she got her bank statement, she found two checks she had not written. She confronted Kindel, who initially denied the accusation, then allegedly told her “he wasn’t thinking right.”

    The two checks totaled more than $200.

    Several days later, a detective investigating the case saw Kindel standing at one of the windows at the Prairie Justice Center and asked if he could speak to him about a case.

    Kindel waived his right to remain silent and agreed to give a statement.

    He allegedly told the detective he was addicted to salvia, which he said was expensive. The complaint states he admitted to writing some of the checks, but could not remember some of them.

    Kindel has previous convictions for theft and marijuana possession, and has juvenile adjudications for marijuana sales and third-degree criminal sexual conduct. He is currently on probation.

    Salvia divinorum is not regulated under the federal Controlled Substances Act, but some states have made it illegal to possess or sell. Bills regulating the substance have been proposed in Minnesota, but have not been passed.

    Published February 26 2010
    By: Justine Wettschreck
    Worthington Daily Globe


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  1. skellium
    I'm afraid that idiots like this guy, as well as a lazy and sensationalist media, will get salvia banned soon.
  2. SullyGuy
    To me it sounds like the kid grabbed the nearest excuse and ran with it.
  3. skellium
    Oh, totally agree SG. That won't keep LE and 'concerned parents' from lobbying for criminalisation, though.
  4. God hates me
    Yup everywhere now you'll see concerned parents and community leaders rallying to the call the ban salvia using this as the main backing for their cause. Swim don't particualrly care too much for salvia and always enjoyed cannabis alot more but this is just stupid. Swim could never imagine being addicted to that drug anyways and finds it hard for anyone to really (not to say its impossible)
  5. Burgersoft777
    Fishy absolutely agrees Salvia is not an addictive drug, although some people are so messed up they might believe they are addicted to it. Fishy took salvia a while ago and although it was an interesting experience, s-he has no desire to do it over and over again. This really does sound like an excuse in an attempt to make people feel a little sorry for the Perp. If there is any current Legal high that really doesn't need to be criminalized then Salvia is most likely it. After all the effects are short lived but intense enough to satisfy those interested in such experiences. Fishy dosn't agree with prohibition but reconises that there needs to be some system of checks and balances. People like this guy really are a pain though as they give a false impression of what the effects of a drug really are.
  6. Suboxer
    The dude's an idiot-in-itself, with his blatantly ignorant and retarded affirmations, and even more mind-bogglingly stupid actions. He's even a fucking (underage) sexual! Pervert, that is. But sexual alone should be enough, should it not?

    Nevertheless, the media, yet again, astounds me with completely inaccurate reporting of anything to do with psychoactive drugs. Claiming that a horribly dysphoric and morbid kappa-opioid agonist is euphoric is more bass-ackwards than claiming one hit of weed makes a heroin-addicted coke fiend.

    Hopefully some good will come of it, and such attention (even if generated by inaccurate reporting in typical moral-craze mass-media hysteria style) will get the drug banned. As they say, "Don't let inconvenient facts get in the way of the greater truth." A ban on that shit is long overdue, and calling it "euphoric" - let alone to the point of it being addictive! - is going to get some people of lesser intellect to try it and experience more dysphoria than they'd ever experience in their natural lives. By printing such words, the newspaper is, essentially, lighting the path for idiots to inflict suffering upon themselves without any prior warning.

    Hell, science never has mattered for the press - kappa-opioid agonists like Salvinorin A are dysphoric, are not rewarding nor reinforcing, and are actually anti-addictive. I've never met a person who has used it once that would care to again - most avoid it like the plague, in my experience.
  7. Blue_Water_Flower
    is there something wrong with the world or just im going nuts????? people want to legalize weed and ban salvia??? WTF !!!!! it is abvious that this guy is an idiot not bc of salvia, since he already had a criminal record.... and how can you be ADDICTED to salvia? it tases pretty bad and most people get really bad or scarry tripps....grrr
  8. Glo82
    Well, look at the bright side, he didn't say it was pot that made him do it....:rolleyes:
  9. godztear
    He should have told them that his pet martian made him do it. When saliva is smoked motor functions are damn near impossible let alone walking to his mom's purse, stealing her check book, and going to the bank to cash the checks.

    Though this may sound derogatory, this sounds like a crack/coke head or heroin addict, maybe even alcoholic, too ashamed to hide their addiction from their family after being caught.
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