Fun times on halloween

By Metomni · Nov 2, 2008 · ·
  1. Metomni
    So SWIM tripped for the first time in about 8 months last night on Halloween. It was not a magnificent mescaline experience or anything like that, but DXM has always been one of my penguin's very favorites.

    The penguin and a friend went and got some Zicam cough and each downed one bottle. It was SWIM's first DXM experience without ingesting pure powder, and it was amazing. The Zicam spray is magnificent, though SWIM says he thinks it takes 2 bottles to get a real real strong experience.

    That said, it was a lot of fun. The experience lasted for about 6 hours, in which time the penguins listened to 4 Sigur Ros albums and just layed in the dark with their eyes closed.

    SWIM got the ever-so-desired "traveling through space" sensations along with the insane CEV's that only DXM can give. One thing this experience gave that others have not was a great sense of mental abilities. When SWIM would speak his words were eloquent and he had no trouble with mental thought, though if he tried to write or read he would have gotten sick from the nausea and headaches it would cause. SWIM had only ever ingested 750 mg and up, so he thinks the lower dose is what did this. That said, he would exchange the mental ability for a more intense experience anyday and thus will try 2 bottles, or maybe 1.5, next time.

    Now that he remembers how amazing it feels, he wants even worse to do some mushrooms and cacti. Hopefully the time will come soon. :)

    Peace and love everyone, hope Halloween was good to everyone. :vibes:

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  1. seeingred
  2. purplehaze
    Glad everything went good for your penguin, Phaze's last trip didn't go that well. He was tripping way to hard and realised that he had taken to much and smoked fire weed ontop of it and he had to be a trip sitter for his gf and she didn't even know were she was at.

    He told her at one point that he had to piss and she was sitting infront of the toilet and she said well go pee, he said you have to move, she said oh i didnt even know i was in the bathroom.

    Phaze ended up in the bed scared to death with his heart racing and had accepted someone was going to break in and harm him. He had even said to himself "well theres nothing I can do now but let them come on in." He's not even sure it was people he was worried about.
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