funny how life sometimes imitates The Forum

  1. beentheredonethatagain
    fun stuff these last two days , this skin thread has gone "viral" ..

    i imagine a thread that has been view over 1,900 times and has almost 125 replies, and in just two days is breaking records, and will set some that wont ever be threated.

    good job on starting that girls. I am on my knees bowing down to you. umm.

    i want to remind the guys , we all are gentlemen here. agreed? so never take the trust of these ladies for granted, and as always continue a respectful dialog .. and for the guys who may have just drove into "dodge" we are a family here and we look out for our own. please never step out of line with any of our members here. we like to have fun as we go about our experiences here at drugs-forum.

    ladies this , i felt had to be said, not that it has happened , but I can see maybe needing to report any misconduct from the under belly of the INTERNET trolls.. just know that beenthere has your back, front ... side.... i am there ..

    Okay back to blog, so this thread started yesterday , and yesterday i happen to run into a girl from 15 yrs back. she and I were pretty good fuck buddies. she was glad to see me and gave me here number and ask to hurry and call.

    so later I sent a text , just a sentence saying " fancy running into you, whats up?"

    so that text talk was carried about thru today, I had my job downtown to take care of , and after work I went to the forum, checked what was new in the subscribed threads panel, and the thread that should be called Breasts and the decent exposer, or something like that, anyway i read some and logged off for a shower and to cook me and son our supper.

    but after the shower I decided to photograph this guy in the mirror, the coolest guy in the room, beenthere .. well I was happy that it was quick and not too messy. I did however edited out a tattoo . just a little cautious about giving too much information to the world. so I was able to do it all in a short time.

    then my friend starts calling , actually texting, she wants to party , and that sounded good to me too, .. we had a lot of fun when we hung out back then , i shared some of the story here in The Forum, I cant recall the exact name of the thread , something about tips on having a threeway .. I think it was written by msJaguar..

    anyway to wrap up this book , this novel ends like this , sexxx.. but the real reason for the long post is this, i asked her if I could take a picture of her boobies, why she asked, because I love girls boobs ,I said, so she said okay but just not my face. she is standing , really more like standing with one leg on the toilet , arching her naked butt to a perfect shape and position for me to get her now in the exact same spot I was standing earlier in the day , for me it was the thing that i needed , I hadnt been in the saddle for a minute or two ( closer to a year without sex ) and unknown to me at the time of my photo, the drought was finally over... just like that .. score

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