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Future plans and endeavors

  1. Metomni
    So SWIM's mental state has gradually been nearing normality since a harsh and sudden break up, and with this several ideas and plans have come.

    Next summer he is planning a trip to Hawaii, he wants to go to many other places, but for now a US trip will cost less and Hawaii will be amazing anyway. While there he plans to hike through the jungles, go see the lava flows, and obtain a traditional hawaiian tattoo from a local. (If anyone has recommendations for must-sees on the islands feel free to speak up.)

    He is also going to experience ayahuasca for the first time in the coming weeks/months. The date is not set, but he's close to being mentally ready for it, probably with his good friend over the Christmas holidays when nothing is happening. He hasn't tried psychedelics in a while, though, and is hesitant about ayahuasca being his first so he is contemplating a soothing LSD experience sometime in the near future.

    SWIM cannot wait for his tattoo at all, Hawaii is going to be mind-blowing, as is the tea, but above all SWIM has changed a little bit and is excited to see how the same old same old feels when the psyche is just a little bit morphed.


  1. savingJenniB
    Sounds like his Trip has already begun.

    Happy trails!
  2. seeingred
    Sounds like a lot of fun!

    Thanks for the comment~
  3. The Dreamer
    Sounds like quite a trip. Perhaps its of the sort my kat could use. My wife and I wouldn't mind going to Hawaii either.
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