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Gaddafi blames LSD & Bin Laden for uprisings

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Colonel Gaddafi has blamed the uprisings on Osama Bin Laden and al-Qaeda spiking teenagers' coffee with hallucinogenic drugs.

    In an extraordinary outburst on Libyan state TV, Gaddafi also compared himself to the Queen of England.

    "I have no authority coming from laws or decisions or anything else, I just have moral authority. I only have moral authority. I am like the Queen of England.

    He blamed the uprisings on al-Qaeda spiking milk and Nescafe with hallucinogenic drugs.

    "They give them pills at night, they put hallucinatory pills in their drinks, their milk, their coffee, their Nescafe," he said. "Bin Laden - this is the enemy who is manipulating people. Do not be swayed by Bin Laden."

    Speaking to protesters, he said: "You need to listen to your parents. If people disobey their parents they end up destroying the country.

    "The same as in Britain (where) for 57 years the Queen has been ruling."

    Gaddafi's former ally Mustapha Abdeljlil, who resigned on Wednesday in protest at the violent crackdown, said he thought the Libyan leader would kill himself rather than hand over power, like Adolf Hitler.

    "Gaddafi’s time is up," he said. "He is going to go like Hitler. He is going to commit suicide."


    NOTE: there was a much better article on this at BBC last night but I can't seem to find it right now...


  1. Rikki-tikki-tavi
    Just wondering if gadafi got paid a lump by nescafe!
  2. Troppo
    Yeah I read the Colonel's ramblings on one of the news sites too, basically the same as posted above. I only stopped myself from laughing too much by reminding myself how deadly the situation is.

    The following is some more of today's rambling by him, which he told the Turkish "CNN Turk" TV station (reported by Reuters news site):

    "We have plans A, B and C. Plan A is to live and die in Libya. Plan B is to live and die in Libya. Plan C is to live and die in Libya."

    Gaddafi is either taking some really serious drugs, or he needs to be taking something!!
  3. Alfa
    Whenever I read something as ridiculous as this. Especially when it concerns an unfriendly country. Then I immediately expect the article to be bullshit. Gaddafi actually say this?
  4. salgoud
    Gaddafi has a Hookah pipe to far up it 'you know what", that he can't see straight. The people what freedom and he is gunning them down. Gaddafi and his son are not big threats to the West. We drill his money, and he his a vested interest in his oil producing Country he will be gone soon.

    Then we'll have to see what the vacuum brings in.

  5. Troppo
    Gaddafi (or whoever started the story) would have a hard time explaining how Osama bin Laden and the West are both his enemies at the same time! I haven't seen much of the guy to be honest but he seems to ramble on, usually with a fair bit of nonsense.
  6. Troppo
    ...even more rambling now, by one of his sons trying to explain what good guys they all are...
  7. sandoz1943
    If LSD could fuel a revolution the 60s would have turned out much differently.

    I watched the broadcast of his son (Gaddafi) and could not stop laughing. Anyone catch the part where he said that American, Canadian and Europeans kids were all getting an education and had health care while they (the Libyans) were starving. Opps! Talk about putting your foot in your mouth. He's never gonna sway anyone with an argument like that.
  8. Valseedian
    "soon you will discover that what you have heard in libya is just a big joke. a very big joke...
    and here in libya we are laughing at these reports: about hundreds and thousands of <starts to say civilian> casualties
    bombing tripoli and bengazi and azoui and whatever...<snickers>
    about mercenaries..."

    that's the quote from gadaffi's son word for word... They are laughing about it...

    I honestly dont see the humor, Sir.
  9. the Rodzz
    For decades Gheddafi kills his people, is just another war for fucking oil.
    west only interested in money, the rest are bullshit!
  10. Synaps
    The West should not intervene in other countries just because their leader is a dictator. It is ironic that the same people who criticize the West for invading Iraq now criticize the West for not intervening in Libya ASAP. The people of Libya has the right to choose how they will be lead, and for the last decades, the majority in Libya has been supportive of Gaddafi. It is only in the wake of the Tunisian and Egyptian uprisings that the Libyan rebellion has started rolling.

    Due to the way Gaddafi has chosen to handle this situation (spree killing with bombs), the West has to intervene, but only to stop the ruthless killing of innocent civilians. No one wins if we go in with our tanks and fight with the rebels. The media may present the rebels as the good guys now, but do any of you know what the rebels actually stand for?

    Let us look at a historical example: the mujahideen in the Afghanistan-Soviet war. The US gave them huge amounts of resources so they could buy tanks, assault rifles, RPG's... The US even gave them stingers so they could shoot down the "evil" communist helicopters. And what happened in the end? The Afghans drove the Soviets out, but as huge arsenals were available, the battle-hardened Afghans kept fighting until Taliban came and brought peace. This peace involved slicing the ears and noses of child brides who ran away from their abusive husbands, destroying the ancient Bamyan Buddha statues and harboring the terrorists who later crashed planes into New York skyscrapers in 2001...

    In fact, this is not even the main argument, which is that the LIBYAN PEOPLE DO NOT WANT THE US IN LIBYA! Imposing a no-fly zone is OK, but let the Arab countries and the EU handle it. Anti-American sentiment is strong in Libya and US planes over the Libyan deserts will induce nightmares of Libya becoming the next Iraq, bringing people back to the safe and sturdy Gaddafi.
  11. sandoz1943
    To Valseedian: I am sorry that you misunderstood. The humor I found was his speech and never the many people who will be injured and or killed in Libya.

    find the way people communicate and the words that they choose fascinating. I must admit I enjoyed watching as his rant deteriorate as he switched back and forth between threats and empty promises and he pointed the proverbial finger at everyone under the sun. At one point he ever accuses the Italians of being the masterminds of the revolt. So yes the Idea of a bunch drugged up Italians trying to take Libya by force did make me chuckle. The whole verbal manipulation thing does not work for him. Guess that why he has always just used force in the past. Again no offense was intended. I may be American but I am not an unfeeling monster. Oh ya and I am not a sir I am a miss.
  12. Valseedian
    sadoz- My post wasn't critiquing yours. It was a direct responce to gadaffi's son's monologue.
    I am sorry that it sounded that way.


    aamof- I did find myself laughing occasionally at the absurdity of the claims more than the state of affairs.

    the whole speech is akin to 'well, he started it'... the childishness and absurdity is comical, but the sheer unadulterated horror of the facts of the matter drain all of the humor from it for me.
    He isn't making friends or influencing his enemies in any way. Not the correct tact IMHO.

    and, as far as your 2nd paragraph of your first post sadoz- I guess I'm saying that I completely agree and that was exactly my point.
  13. the Rodzz
    hey people, his name is Mu'ammar Gheddafi, no gadafi
  14. sandoz1943
    Much love and respect my friend. Guess we both recognize a complete asshole when we see one.
  15. LordeV
    Gaddafi is shrewd, mark these words. Don't be fooled by his eccentric behavior or constant ramblings; that's an effective façade for a remarkably lucid strategist. It is easy to outmaneuver your enemies if they underestimate your ability to think and plan. How do you think he manage to stay in power for forty-two years? How do you think he manage to come from a total loss scenario to almost complete victory save for last second fraudulent UN resolution? Do you think a fool would order a cease-fire immediately after that while his divisions pounded Benghazi one last time before retreating? Would a fool be able to complete rework his persona in order to become salable to the West after his late 80's terrorist attacks? His eccentricities hide a very pragmatic approach to government. Did he suffer from delusions of power? Certainly. His ambitions are a proof he tried to mouth too large flies before. Does this however make him blind? Not by a long shot.

    What would happen to Gaddafi if he, like his fellows in Tunisia and Egypt, stepped down? He would probably be persecuted, have his assets frozen and be put into domiciliary arrest until his death. Not a chance of him accepting this fate. Face down the protesters, make a civil war, put the West in and make a hell of a party that will be remembered for decades. How long will the markets stand a prolonged military operation in Lybia? How long will the bankrupt Western democracies pay for the new war bills? How long until the Arabs rethink their position (hint: they are already crying 'Misinterpretation!')? Oh yes, Col. Gaddafi knows his cards and now decided to go all-in. With nothing to lose, who could blame him? He may go down, but sure as hell he will bring many of his life-long enemies with him.
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