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Galway cannabis haul valued at €1.4m (Ireland)

  1. D.U.M.B
    News | Tuesday 18th of September 2007

    Source: cannabisireland.net

    Cannabis found yesterday off the Galway coast has today been valued at an estimated €1.4 million.

    The cannabis was discovered when a number of bales became entangled in the fishing net of a trawler.

    The Garda National Drugs Unit, aided by the Irish Navy and the Revenue Customs Service, searched Galway Bay over the past 24 hours and recovered up to 140kgs of cannabis resin from the seabed.

    The drugs are being taken to Rossaveal Port and are due to be moved to Dublin for further examination.

    Officers believe that the haul may have been part of a larger consignment dumped overboard in recent days to avoid detection.

    No arrests have been made


  1. rocksmokinmachine
    Yeah I think this one came up in a previous thread. 1.4 million does seem ridiculous, especially for the quality of the hash over there in Ireland and the UK.
  2. MrG
    Typical lazy bastard journos.

    "How much shall we put down for the total value of 140Kg of cannabis?"
    "How much does a single gram cost round here?"
    "Somewhere around a tenner"
    "Good we'll say a tenner a gram then - that means we get to use the REALLY big font for the headline."

  3. Joe Duffy
    These are usually the Police or the Customs value estimates.
  4. MrG
    But would it kill the journalists to replace those numbers with realistic ones?

    In the interests of balanced reporting and all that. Apparently it would.
  5. Nature Boy
    It says cannabis resin so that's probably no loss seeing as it's all soapbar for the most part.
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