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Gambian security agents apprehend a Nigerian with suspected drugs

By buseman, Jun 23, 2010 | |
  1. buseman
    APA Banjul-(The Gambia) Barely a month after a record haul near Banjul of cocaine said to be worth more than $2 billion on the open market, the Gambian security agents have again arrested a Nigerian with suspected drugs.

    State prosecutors in Banjul on Tuesday proffered charges against one Henry Nwafor who was caught with the suspected prohibited drugs at Amdalai, a village on the Gambia – Senegal border.

    Prosecutors told the court that Nwafor was caught with 27 tablets of suspected Bromaze pam and 88 tablets of suspected Lorzepam, both prohibited drugs, as he was entering The Gambia from Senegal through the Amdalai police post.

    According to the police, the accused told the security agents who arrested him that he purchased the said drugs at a pharmacy in Senegal and that he also showed them the receipt the pharmacy gave him.

    He however told the court that the pharmacy did not give him any prescription.

    The case is adjourned to the 29th of June when the suspect is expected to plea.



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