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  1. Alfa

    Computer Title Features Police Using Crack, Pot

    Acomputer game in which players use crack cocaine, ecstasy and cannabis to give themselves a "power boost" was condemned Saturday as irresponsible by anti-drug campaigners.

    Critics said the game, called Narc, would glamorize drug-taking and undermine respect for the police, who are depicted in the game as taking the drugs to help them to catch criminals.

    In the game, which will be released in the United States this week and in Britain in May, the players are elite undercover narcotics officers whose aim is to eliminate an international drug cartel.

    Two police characters take drugs from the dealers and can use them to give themselves a "power boost" to help them to face "tough challenges."

    A spokesman for Sony Playstation in London said: "If an officer finds himself in an extremely difficult or dangerous situation, say surrounded by violent enemies, he can take drugs and that can give him the power to take them on and win."

    Each drug has a different effect. If the officer takes a digital ecstasy tablet, for example, it creates a mellow atmosphere that can pacify aggressive enemies.

    An electronic puff of marijuana temporarily slows the action of the game like a sports action-replay. The use of crack momentarily makes the player a top marksman -- a "crack" shot.

    The aim of the game, which can be played by one or more players on a Playstation or Xbox console, is to "bust" drug dealers until they capture the "Mr. Big" of the underworld.

    "I don't approve of a game that has people taking drugs," said Dr. Ken Checinski, a senior lecturer at St George's Hospital medical school in London and an authority on addictive behaviour.

    "There is a risk that it will glamorize drug-taking and send out the wrong message to young, impressionable people. It could also send out a dangerous moral message -- that two wrongs make a right: corrupt officers take illicit drugs while working and it helps them to arrest criminals."

    A spokesman for Drugscope, an anti-drug charity, said: "It is totally wrong to suggest that people can do their jobs better while under the influence of drugs."

    Sony defended the game, which will receive an adult classification.

    "It's a classic good versus evil game that shows the destructive power of drugs," a spokesman said.

    A spokesman for Midway, Narc's publisher, said: "This subject is something that nobody else has tackled in computer games and we felt it was time to do it."

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  1. poweredbyhate
    I always hate hearing about controversial video games like this.
    My stance is that it is just a game... get over it. If
    people get crazy ideas from video games, then they probably have more
    serious problems to deal with. I grew up playing shoot-em-up
    video games, and I have no inclination to go out and kill anyone.
    Video games are a lot of fun for some people, and are used for
    recreational purposes.

    If I were a parent, I'd much rather have my kid playing a game
    with simulated or virtual drug use, instead of them using
    drugs themselves. I'm sure it'll be rated mature, and there will
    be a lot of people watching this game when it comes out.

    And, to the spokesman from Drugscope who says people can't do their
    jobs better while under the influence of drugs, I'd ask him to look at
    the military's use of amphetamines.
  2. billbong
    Yea but you remember that tango advert. in the ad ppl slapped eachother n said u know when you've been tango'd. It was really popular to mimic in school n 1 kid lost his eye sight and there were lot's of other injuries. some Doctors famously also mimiced the advert causing serious injuries.

    I'm not saying ban it. If ppl want to play it fine, if they don't fine, just like drug taking. Ppl have to be responsible for themselvesEdited by: billbong
  3. drwoo

    I'd tell him to tell that to Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds.

    In all seriousness I've got this game. I have only played it alittle bit, but as I understand it, this game is a game of choices and taking drugs effects your police rating by lowering it. If you take too many you become a bad cop. Which inturn effects the game. You can no take any and still complete the game. Its rated 'M' as well. People need to take responsibilty for themselves and their families, and stop worrying about other people. So what if it glorifies drug use If someone makes a game that glorifies drug use and I want to play it its my right to buy it and play it. Just as it is other people's right not to buy it and not to play it. It is also a parents responsibility to know what their children are doing, or in this case playing. Naturally I wouldn't want my 10 year old playing this game not only for the drug use but also the violence and bad words, but on the other hand I would allow my 16 or 17 year old the right to this game if I felt they were resposible enough to. So let the whiners whine as long as I still have the right to choose he can they can cry about this game all they want. The only thing they are doing is giving this game more publicity so it will inturn sell more copies.
  4. FrankenChrist
    Gee. Thanks for the free publicity.

    ...don't we have a rolleyes smiley?
  5. CottonMouth Man
    Its just a game. get over it
  6. hogg

    To play devils advocate... isn't taking any drugs at all the grounds for the title ... "bad cop"... correct me if Im wrong.. but if it isn't I should become a DEA agent... and do all the drugs I confiscate.. Wahhahaha <- evil laugh
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