Gang Detained in Russia for Mush

By Alfa · Oct 8, 2005 · ·
  1. Alfa
    <H1 ="article">Criminal Gang Detained in Russia for Raising New Hallucinogenic Cannabis— Paper</H1>
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    Russia’s Federal Drug Control Service have detained a criminal gang that reportedly raised and sold cannabis, peyote cactus and hallucinogenic mushrooms. The gang has also raised a new sort of hallucinogenic hemp with an increase amount of tetracannabinol that heightens the drug addiction, Vremya Novostei newspaper wrote on Wednesday.

    The detained bought cannabis seeds in the Netherlands. Their plantations were at dachas in the Moscow region, as well as part of their laboratories of processing the raw materials. Another part was set in several Moscow apartments. The ring members raised hallucinogenic mushrooms with psylocibine and psylocine, and peyote cacti in their built-in closets.

    The amount of tetracannabinol in the new sort of cannabis was 40 times bigger than in a normal sort, the paper wrote. A gram of this raised cannabis is equal to a gram of heroin that costs $50 at black markets.

    The federal service officials have seized over 10 kilograms of dried and 200 bushes of fresh weeds.

    Criminal proceedings have been instigated against five ring members on the articles of raising forbidden plants with drugs, and sale of drugs or psychotropics.
    Photo from Vremya Novostei newspaper Edited by: Alfa

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  1. PenguinPhreak
    The stupidity of that statement is so deep it hurts me. How can anyone possibly say a gram of cannabis is equivalent to a gram of heroin? Hmm wonder why we don't see more heroin junkies just smoking pot instead of shooting up. Trying to link heroin and cannabis seems to be a favorite tactic of prohibitionist bastards. The rest of the article is pretty damn stupid as well. Just because they are growing good weed doesn't mean its "new hallucinogenic cannabis." Having a high THC content doesn't make it more hallucinogenic, it just makes it more efficient. It confuses me how people are stupid enough to think that strong weed is more dangerous. The majority of tokers will get just as high on strong pot as weak pot, they just have to inhale more tar to get the same amount of THC with the weak pot. If anything they should be praising the strong weed for saving our lungs. Is the "one joint is worse than a pack of cigarettes" slogan not one of their favorites? If thats true (which it obviously isn't), then how is it worse only having to smoke half a joint to get where you want to be?Edited by: PenguinPhreak
  2. BrugmansiaBrujo
    Spin for sure. Jeez.
  3. anj0vis
    south parts of russia could be quite good place to grow outdoor hemp in large operations, I wonder when they'll figure that out. I wouldn't want to be in their pants now though.. penalties in russia might be stiff and their jail system is notorious for its very poor condition.
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