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Gang faces 96 years for Torrevieja heroin haul

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Gang faces 96 years for Torrevieja heroin haul
    They smuggled 50 kilos of the drug hidden inside the tyres of a lorry

    The trial starts this week of eight people accused in one of Spain’s largest ever hauls of heroin: 50 kilos of the drug which were brought into the country hidden in the tyres of a lorry seized on an industrial estate in Torrevieja.

    Officers swooped on the gang’s vehicle repair shop in June 2006 as they were cutting through the tyres with a saw to remove the heroin.

    The eight accused in the case are reported by Diario Información as ex soldiers from Eastern Europe and face a possible 96 years in prison between them. The state prosecutor has also asked for a fine of almost 2 million € - the amount the heroin would have brought the gang if it had been sold on the black market.

    By m.p. - Oct 18, 2009



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