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  1. Guttz
    Gardai believe they have smashed one of Dublin's main drugs networks after 45 people were arrested following a six-month covert operation.

    More than 150 charges have been brought against the alleged dealers rounded up in the last 48 hours over the sale and supply of heroin and crack cocaine in the south-inner city area.

    Figures at all levels of the large and organised criminal network were taken into custody in the mass clean-up, dubbed Operation Marshall.

    Undercover officers tried to buy drugs on the streets, stopped and searched suspects and made seizures.

    Gardai believe the on-street supply and distribution network for the south inner-city area has been severely disrupted as a result of the operation.

    Drugs-squad units from Kevin Street, Pearse Street and Store Street garda stations along with the Garda National Drugs Unit targeted major dealers.

    All are expected to face multiple charges of drugs supply.

    Assistant Garda Commissioner Michael Feehan, who has responsibility for the Dublin region, said his officers are committed to tackling drug dealing at all levels.

    "This latest operation to target drug suppliers across the Dublin Region has seen local Garda Drug Units supported by the Garda National Drug Unit ensure a co-ordinated and effective approach to protecting our communities, individuals and their families from the harm and pain caused by drug use," he said.

    "By working with other agencies and utilising innovative approaches we will continue to play our part in maintaining a safe community for everyone."

    Press Association
    Thursday December 16 2010


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