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Gardaí swoop on cannabis farm (Ireland

  1. D.U.M.B
    Taken from http://www.cannabisireland.net

    Gardaí swoop on cannabis farm:

    Huge cannabis plants, cannabis resin, growing equipment, and around €10,000 in cash were seized near Carnew last week in what is being described as the largest drugs cultivation operation ever found in the South Wicklow area.

    Gardaí in Carnew, assisted by others from Arklow, Gorey and the drugs squad raided two separate houses close to the town last Thursday afternoon.

    They found seven or eight large cannabis plants growing under halogen heaters in the front room of an isolated rented house about two or three kilometres from Carnew.

    There were also several young plants seized.

    The Gardaí also seized the cultivation equipment, including the halogen heaters, fans and thermometers.

    They later searched another private residence in Carnew town, and seized a large amount of cannabis resin, as well as a substantial sum of cash, believed to be in the region of €10,000.

    A business premises was also searched on the day, but nothing was found.

    Three men in their mid-twenties were arrested as a result of the house searches, and a file is being prepared for the DPP.


  1. Lunar Loops
    This story was front page of last weeks Gorey Guardian, complete with large photo of youngish member of the gardai looking very pleased with the find. Hardly a "huge" operation, but SWIS supposes any news is big news in those parts.
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