Gays and Christians

By Mick Mouse · Aug 1, 2012 · ·
  1. Mick Mouse
    Well, I got up this morning, just a day like any other, right? I mean, after all-you get up in the morning thinking that you will have a good day, right? A day in which no puppies get hurt, the candy is always fresh, and there is a rainbow in the sky. A good day. That lasted about as long as it took me to read the news.

    Now, many of us have heard about the whole deal with Chik-fil-a and how the management has made its views of gay couples quite plain. There have been articles and information regarding this traveling about the net for awhile, with cities weighing in pro or con, people calling for a boycott of the business, and many other opinions, but today I saw an article that just blew me away. It made me so incredibly angry I was spitting nails! It was a post of a McDonalds sign and it said "we fully support Chic-fil-a, now try and boycott us"

    I mean, come on here! The more I thought about it, the madder I got, until I had what you could call a "rightieous head of anger" I know I didn't spell that right, either. Then I read a completely unrelated article which sent me over the top. It was from a lady who says that her daughter has a Kindle Fire, and she just found out that the CEO of Amazon is donating 2.5 million dollars in support of same-sex marriage. She says that she does not want to be a part of this, and then asks if A.) she should throw the Kindle away or B.) can she order books and apps from places other than Amazon.

    Wow. What can you say to a person who is like this?

    Lets start with a little background. Amazon CEO Steve Bezos and his wife announced last Friday that they are donating 2.5 million to a campaign to defend Washington State's same-sex marriage law. Bezos is not the only Washington State billionaire to donate in defense of same-sex marriage. Both Bill and Malinda, as well as Steve Ballmer, have each donated in excess of 100,000.00. this gives the advocacy group Washington United in Marriage almost 5 million for their campaign to let same-sex couples get married and enjoy the same legal, medical, and social benefits of marriage. By contrast, the group Preserve Marriage Washington is expected to spend between 4 and 7 million to deny same-sex couples the right to get married.

    Here are my thoughts on the issue. First of all, you should know that I am married to a wonderful woman. Marriage is, by far, the best thing that has ever happened to me. Like most married couples, we not only share the bed, we share our lives. We deal with financial issues, home maintenance issues and health challenges as a couple. We spend our days and our nights together, enjoying each others love, company, and support. We also enjoy a wide variety of legal and societal advantages which are conferred upon married people, from the ability to visit each other in the hospital to homesteading rights to health benefits to inheritance benefits.

    Far more than just those benefits, being married is a true joy to me. And the idea that some organizations would spend millions of dollars to deny loving couples that particular joy (along with the tangible social benefits) is just plain mean spirited.

    What in the hells is wrong with you people? We have so much strife in the world as it is, life is so difficult as it is. It is hard enough to find good friends and even harder to find a life partner. if two consenting adults want to declare their love for each other, to make each other their special person, and spend their lives together, nurturing and caring for each other, how can that possibly be your business? many so-called 'leaders" walk a fine line, saying that it is OK for same-sex couples to enjoy the benefits of civil unions, but they are just not allowed to call themselves "married".

    One of the absolute greatest points of pride for me is when I get to say that I'm my wife's husband.

    What possible ludicrous reason could you have to deny same-sex couples that little happiness? What insane, repressive twist of the mind allows you to think that it is OK to let same-sex couples use the 11 character phrase "civil union" but will spend millions to deny the 8 letter word "marriage"? With all that is happening in the world today-we are fighting diseases, our soldiers are still dying in wars, the ecology, the ecomomy-these are real issues. Worrying over whether or not your daughter reads Harry Potter (or the bible for that matter) on a Kindle Fire because Bezos made a donation to a cause he cares about (and many of his employees greatly care about) is not a real-world issue.

    Here is what I would suggest. The Kindle Fire is a good little machine. Amazon's books and apps are wonderful, they work on many different platforms and on many different machines. You could throw away the Kindle. go ahead and waste the 200.00 dollars. you could also then destroy all of your kindle books, and if you have ever bought a paper book from Amazon, you could go ahead and burn that too. You could then tell your friend how virtuous you were when you burned those books. Better yet, you could find a gay person (they are lurking everywhere, you know!) and just give the Kindle Fire to them. Boy, that would sure learn them sumtin', wouldn't it?

    However, I should warn you, you probably will not be able to buy digital books from anywhere else. Apple, for example, has long supported the rights of its gay employees, so you will not be able to purchase from the itunes store. Barnes and Noble has a solid reputation for supporting its gay and lesbian employees. Google has actively lobbied on support of gay and lesbian couples.

    You will probably want to avoid reading the bible as well. Although it is subject to debate, there even some support for the idea that the bible itself is neutral on the subject of homosexuality.

    So, how can you protect your daughter from the forces of evil that want to allow people to live and love freely? How can you protect her from reading books that open her mind to the modern world? How can you defend her from people who want to freely use an eight letter word to describe their relationship?

    Well, I can't suggest that you read the bible, because it could corrupt your daughters mind. However, she is a girl, so you would probably feel somewhat safe with sending her to your local Catholic priest for advice. you should probably stay away from the anti-gay preachers because they clearly cannot control themselves. You should also probably stay away from republicans like Mark Foley and Larry Craig, because they clearly cannot keep it in their pants. And for the record, it is much harder to find a Democratic gay scandle, because Democrats seem to prefer cheating on their wives with female hookers, rather than doing it in airports with young men. Go figure!

    I would also recommend that you avoid the evangelicals as well, because if they are populated by people like Ted Haggard, they are clearly not safe to be around, either. Strangely enough, many Americans think that almost one in four Americans are gay, when the number is closer to 2%. Even so, that would mean something like 6.6 million Americans are gay. That is about the population of Chicago and L.A. combined.

    The answer is quite simple. Keep your Kindle. Let your daughter read books. And stop hating people because they are different than you.

    America was founded on the idea of freedom. What could be more supportive of freedom than letting people be free to use the word "marriage" to describe two people in love, who have committed to spending their lives together/

    What could possibly be more American than that?

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  1. AllAroundTheLight
    well said. you are totally right in what you said. im gay myself so it is always really meaningful when a straight person has the balls to tell it like it is. i just want to live a normal fucking life but society and religious "leaders" out there have nothing better to do other than try and deny me equal rights for no reason other than they are scared shitless of what they dont understand because they themselves dont experience it. but every time i read something like what you just wrote here, it's just a little bit easier to be hopeful. thank you for taking the time to do it. i am just as pissed if not more as you. makes it hard to say im proud to be an american sometimes...
  2. ZenobiaSky
    I agree, very well said. Isn't it Ironic America is called the melting pot of the world, because so many different people moved here, allowing us to all live together in harmony. Well doesn't that mean we should also respect people of different beliefs. Of course you touched on a few subjects I could also go on a tangent about, but really do people's life's mean so little these days that they have to try and manipulate others? I agree if two people love each other and feel it's what they want then by all means let them get married. Funny, there are not nearly as many gay couples getting divorced as straight couples. Could this be they take it more seriously than many people who feel it's a part of life. I don't feel anyone should deny two people their right to get married. I have many gay friends, and you know what they are happier than my straight friends. Me personally, I have too many faults of my own to be above anyone else to judge what makes them happy.
  3. Sade
    From a Christian perspective I have been taught to love the sinner and hate the sin. I don't have a right to condemn anyone for anything. I'm strictly prohibited from doing that.

    On a side note the Bible is silent on what constitutes marriage. There is plenty of mention of marriage but nowhere does it describe a ceremony or what rights it endows.
  4. psychedelia
    People don't understand that marriage does not equal religion, you can be married outside of a church and still enjoy the legal benefits.

    I'm gay and I've been in a relationship with another guy since I was 15. We're perfectly happy and definitely plan to get married some day. I'm glad to live in Massachusetts where gay couples are allowed to have their rights.

    This Chik-Fil-A situation actually upset me. I don't get annoyed too often, but when I went on Chik-Fil-A's
    Facebook page and saw that thousands of people were willing to donate money to prevent me from being happy, I was appalled and heartbroken. To see all these "loving" Christians spouting hate against gay people that they've never even met was shocking, though in our modern world it's to be expected.

    I can't wait for the day when gay couples nationwide are allowed to enjoy the same things as any other legitimate couple. :/ Thanks for the supportive post! I'm glad to see there are plenty of people who don't blindly follow a book they've never read. (Not that all Christians are this bad, but the ones that are that ignorant are very vocal.)
  5. Mick Mouse
    I should like to mention that I am NOT "Pro" or "Anti" anything, be it gay (in any of its forms, i.e. homo, lesbian, etc.), christian (I am not one), chikin, or anything else-except discrimination. It is just fucking wrong in today's society to deny someone a basic right like this! If homosexuality bothers you, don't engage in it! If gay marriage bothers you, don't marry someone who is gay! Please understand that homosexuality is not catching, they are not after you, your spouse, or your children, they have (for the most part!) no desire to attract attention to themselves, and they don't (again, for the most part) "recruit" the "unwilling".

    What they are, however, is something just as disturbing! Neighbors. Teachers. Librarians. Solid, upstanding citizens who pay taxes, give their time and money to charitable causes, sit next to you during school sporting events while you both cheer your kids on, come to your yard sales while you go to theirs, and things like chatting in the store or at the gas station when you run into each other.

    Oh my God! They are our, our.......friends!

    Just like straight people and the people who aren't too sure. Just people. There is no reason that they should be accorded treatment which is different than any other. That is, after all, how dictatorships traditionally begin-pick a group that is "different" and begin blaming them for various social 'ills".

    Personally, I don't really care (other than from a purely clinical view) what my friends insert into their various orifices or with whom or how many they do so with, whether they are in a monogamous relationship, or the current state of their latest perversion-that is their business. However, I will not get involved in any way! No pictures, no extra set of hands, no "help get the damn thing out so I won't have to go to the emergency room", no "I'm drunk/high/whatever and you are really cute all of a sudden". No. Absolutely not. My involvement is strictly limited to the advice and support that a friend would give another friend. And those people who are gay and who I am quite comfortable in proclaiming as friends understand and respect that choice.

    The only thing that sucks is the straight jokes when we are all out together. We go out as a group and I get it from my wife, her female friends, and our friends who are gay! It is pretty funny shit, though.
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