GBL hits the media big time on Jeremy Kyle Show!

By 10outof10 · Nov 4, 2009 · ·
  1. 10outof10
    SWIM was just channel hopping and came across the rather horrible UK chat show Jeremy Kyle but was drawn in by the title on the screen "the true effects of legal party drug".

    For anyone that has ever seen the show, it doesn't take much for the host to over-dramatize a situation and so this was like gold dust to him. He admits he had never heard of the drug before today and compares it with heroin. A young man and his mother are interviewed and the guy is obviously in a bad way with a couple of attempts to detox that have resulted in a relapse, he is now being administered GBL by his Mother every 4 hours on recommendation of his drugs worker.

    The young man admits that the major trigger for his relapse is an underlying depression so was pretty much self-medicating with GBL. There is pretty much no discussion of harm reduction even though the young man states he had very little knowledge or info about GBL before he started using-surely this is evidence to say we need more education about this substance. The show therapist then comes out and says it should obviously be banned and talks about the damage it is doing to its "victims".

    There was no balanced view of the substance or indeed any mention of the history and the fact it only popped up after governments response to GHB. This program just bought into the media hype surrounding GBL at moment and is only making a bad situation worse. We need to change our response to emerging drug trends and realise it is how people are using these substances along with a lack of knowledge/education and not the actual drugs that are the problem. It was very disappointing to see that there was no mention of treatment options or where to access support.

    Show shown on ITV 1 and should be available via itv player.


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  1. MrG

    This is the same type of moronic ignorance about how to handle the situation that also prompts "drug workers" to claim that, because Mephedrone is often sold online as "plant food" it, therefore, contains fertiliser!

    The young man has an addiction so let's just keep dosing him with an industrial lactone because we haven't done any research on how best to titrate his GBL habit to help him quit and to supplement it with GABAergic drugs like GABApentin in order to reduce his withdrawal symptoms and allow him to return to a proper sleep cycle.

  2. BoyInTheCountry
    That is absolutley ridiculous I stopped watching that show years ago it just went beyond a joke and became inscreasingly annoying. Why would you choose to even accept a case to put on national TV on a subject you admit to having no knowledge on?! Comparing it to heroin and dosing every 4 hours to battle an addcition aey........? I cant see any logic in that what so ever.

    Ignorance is not bliss.....
  3. Locutusxx0xx
    Hi I'm the lad from the show :( I have found the withdrawels very hard to curb as they seemed to get worse each time i collapsed on the stuff and like the stupid fook I was back then I never learned. I did it for my mum as she has done so much for me including taking time off work for 6 months to look after me. After the 4 hour mark I've tried to let myself withdraw for longer, but I start shaking more the longer I leave it, my skin gets all nasty and little bumps start appearing on my forehead. I also start looking like complete shit, and sweat uncontrollably. I feel weak and pathetic and I'm one who doesn't believe in banning substances I think it's a medical problem when substances become problematic and should be solved by medical means not political. I'm sorry for anyone who see's it as me wanting to have it banned... I don't, I used to enjoy it a lot and the downside wasn't as harsh but overuse has turned to overkill with the withdrawels. I think it's the acytylcholine that does the worst part of it. I went on there for help and I already thought Jeremy Kyle is a presenter with very little to offer in help it's Graham who is the brains, and so far every hospital and doctor in my area is offering me sweet f.a. in terms of help :(

    Again sorry guys and gals!
  4. Abrad
    Hi Locutosxx0xx,

    Welcome to the forum. Stick around and I'll sure we'll be able to help you, or at least offer advice.
  5. corvardus
    The fact is it is going to be a Class C substance on December 23rd in any case and your case is now a moot point. The criticisms are more about the media and how they are not showing Due Impartiality on the stories.

    They are not only finding the most stupid and, therefore, the most vulnerable members of society to exploit as is the ilk on this type of show.

    I might be naive but are they getting you the treatment you seek from being paraded out in front of a national audience or are they no longer even doing the right thing and simply exploiting you? This is of greater interest to me. If you are then your purpose on being on the show is self-evident, if you're not then... I'm not exactly sure what has been achieved.

    Also we've already had a "friend of a victim" of GBL in Manchester on these forums and they did weave quite a story, theirs was in the tabloids, however. This friend used every trick in the book to try and deflect responsibility for the addiction on to everyone else other than themselves, and got interrogated accordingly.

    It turned out that her forray into media prostitution did yield some results with a stay in the Priory, so I am hoping your forray is as productive and helpful.

    You seem particularly on the level and have placed responsibility for the addiction directly on your own shoulders. You are likely to get a much warmer welcome for fessing up rather than telling a load of untruths, so don't be concerned due to the treatment of the other individual.

    Welcome to the forums.
  6. MrG
    Locutus, if you are, indeed, the hapless young man from the show, please go and speak to your doctor about trying a course of Neurontin (GABApentin). They have a low abuse potential and, unlike benzodiazipines, are not likely to result in replacing one addiction with another.

    GABApentin is known to greatly reduce the withdrawal symptoms from chronic GHB or GBL use as well as helping to restore a healthy sleep cycle whilst allowing the user to steadily reduce their G use until they can quit entirely.

    Please keep us informed as to the situation.
  7. testodan
  8. 10outof10
    Locutosxx0xx, please do not think for a minute that SWIM was suggesting any blame should be attached to you or your mother for how the show represented GBL and the banning issue. Really glad that Mr G had mentioned GABApentin to you as he brought it to SWIMS attention a few days ago on another thread and SWIM was really interested to hear of this being used as a substitute to the high levels of diazepam that is commonly used and have since been researching it. SWIM sees that there is a couple of issues here, the detox and withdrawal but also the reasons behind use and dependency in the first place. SWIM wonders if this may be a feature in your relapse and if it might be worth pursuing some support around managing these triggers. SWIM's background is in drugs counselling (mostly opiates) and and very recently joined a service based in Edinburgh called Crew, contact details are in the international rehab index in recovery and addiction section of Drugs forum. They support a lot of people who use G, delivering the drug counselling side. If they can be of any assistance in helping you find support in your area please contact them. Also feel free to PM if I can be of any assistance.

    Mr G is correct that there is so much lack of knowledge from drugs workers, SWIM has to say this is often an organisational issue with lack of training etc and SWIM is always trying to learn as much as she can so as best able to help the people SWIM works with.
  9. Tony Williams
  10. theendperson
    I saw it on TV and nudged my brother, which my stepmother noticed! Oooops let the cat out of the bag.

    Luckily she thought it was funny and just laughed sayin "I'm the biggest druggie in the world, why would I care?!"
  11. XxGiOxX
    OK, I had to bump this and respond, Swim lives in the states and swim has access to Sodium GHB, hell, Swim has access to gbl and creates True GHB with sodium hydroxide. Swim is VERY experienced, over 6 years worth between the 2, and All swim has to sahy to help anyone with GHB withdrawal/Addiction is this....

    After Swim was Using GHB for a few months, withdrawals came quicker, faster and less time to enjoy the wonderful benefits of feeling normal, happy great and appreciate everything in the world, in this case, swim took about 4 to 6 MG of Alprazolam/Xanax at night after taking swims last does of GHB. this KNOCKED swim out for the remainder of the night, completely sleeping through out teh worst part of withdrawals, which is the first 4 to 6 hours waking up feeling kinda groggy but otherwise, NO WITHDRAWL. this was 2 years ago for swim....

    NOW, Swim discovered Lyrica/pregnabolin, Lyrica , from experience, eliminates ALL known side effects of Cocaine, amphetamines, And GHB. it is all dose dependent though, very important for others to understand their tolerance for Lyrica. Long story short, swim uses GHb daily and after a few weeks Swim incorporates the patented process of taking Xanax at night at least 4-6mg to ensure sedation AFTER taking swims last hit of GHB. then swim goes for a week feeling ok, allows the body to return to normal and is able to use GHB for his S>A>D> and depression issues for months later. Rinse repeat....

    Swim forgot to mention that he receives GHB legally now called Xyrem, for swims sleep issues, even though swim is really using it for depression/anxiety AND to motivate swim b/c swim off of GHB is a highly unmotivated, lack of empathic capability type of individual. Swim always was since the age of 15 until Swim discovered GHB legally through GNC 12 years ago.... SWIM is walking living breathing proof that if controlled, GHB is the best, if not THEE best method to control the symptoms mentioned above, period. Swim has been on Every anti depressant conceived of, out of all of them Cymbalta worked the best... Swim is Just sayin. But nothing compared to GHB. the combo that Swim is currently on that works best is Cymbalta and Xyrem...

    I hope this information helps those people out there with their GHB withdrawal issues as it has helped me tremendously. SWIM know how rough it is and thats why SWIM made this post. Any questions on this topic, please post and SWIY will have SWIM answer them and report them to these forums.

    Take care everyone...
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