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George Will On Pot- His view on medical marijuana

  1. mbarnes0

    As a conservative myself, I found George Will's editorial on Dec. 8 concerning medical marijuana to be confusing and misleading. This surprises me, since Will is an intellectual conservative who usually searches out the truth. Nothing about this article was truthful, but it was filled with inuendos and presuppositions.

    While commenting on Colorado's medical marijuana laws, he begins by calling the dispensaries "fiction." He believes that "most really just want to smoke pot" instead of using the weed to help alleviate pain and different ailments. So, where are his accurate statistics about "most." How does he come to that conclusion?

    He quotes Colorado's attorney general, John Suthers, who is "trying to save his state from institutionalizing such hypocrisy." Such a lofty statement since Will, Suthers, and other politicians mock the fact medical marijuana is used for "chronic pain." Mr. Will even perpetuates the myth that there are drugs available to deal with chemo nausea. While there are such drugs, their effectiveness is in question in terms of nausea relief.

    He even has the audacity to equate Nevada's prostitution industry of taxation and regulation with medical marijuana. Mr. Will then tries to equate marijuana usage with methamphetamine addiction. Where did this intellectual come up with these supposed facts and scholarly pronouncements?

    All I know is my wife has been in chronic pain for more than three years. The doctors have had her on Vicodin and Oxycontin. One suggested a morphine pump be surgically implanted in her spine. Another doctor wanted her to try Ketamine -- an LSD-type drug.

    So, the medical community can promote these hard drugs but is paralyzed to recommend medical marijuana which has decreased her pain? And, George Will continues the fear-mongering.

    Tommy Latham

    Colorado Springs

    Fri, 11 Dec 2009
    Gazette, The (Colorado Springs, CO)


  1. mbarnes0

    George Will's column on medical marijuana suggests that good intentions are not enough to get relief to sick people. No law, for instance, can say conclusively who defines "sick," or even what that word means.

    So how do we get relief to patients? Full legalization would be strong medicine, but the only way to avoid chaos. Put pot on the same legal basis as beer, but lose the ads.

    Legalization would clear the air of the ignorance and distortions displayed by both sides of the war on pot. If it were legal, we would see unbiased research to assess pot's benefits and risks. Then patients could make informed decisions on whether to smoke, kids couldn't fake illness to get prescriptions for pot and adults wouldn't need to.

    John Chase,
    Palm Harbor, Fla.

    Sat, 12 Dec 2009
    Topeka Capital-Journal (KS)
  2. chillinwill
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