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George Zimmerman’s attorney: Low dose of marijuana can lead to aggression

  1. Rob Cypher
    The attorney for Florida murder suspect George Zimmerman says that even a small level of marijuana in the bloodstream could increase violent behavior.

    CNN host Piers Morgan on Monday night asked Zimmerman attorney Mark O’Mara why it was important that Trayvon Martin had a small amount of marijuana in his system during the fatal confrontation last year. Judge Debra Nelson has ruled that the jury can see toxicology results showing THC in Martin’s system.

    “Any level of pot in his system could have some effect,” O’Mara said. “And of course that falls in line with what Zimmerman stated in his first couple of moments with the non-emergency operator when he said that it looks like he’s on drugs or something.”

    Morgan, however, was skeptical that a small amount of marijuana had any importance.

    “Well, actually, there are some studies out there — particularly with young males — that suggest that even low levels of cannabis use can lead to aggression,” O’Mara responded. “So, the question is not how much, but if in fact there has been some effect and if that effect was noticed by George Zimmerman then I think it is relevant. After all, if we’re going to talk about what George Zimmerman may have read in coursework two, three, four years ago then I think what Trayvon Martin had smoked or had in his system somewhere between two and four hours before the event is certainly something the jury should consider.”

    Eric W. Dolan
    Raw Story
    July 8, 2013



  1. [éS]Infinite
    This whole case is a farce and it's very sad how the media has portrayed it. It truly is indicative of the deep racism that still exists in America. As far as I see it the old evidence is the most relevant; the kid was unarmed walking home and the man was armed and told to stop following the kid by authorities. Not to mention the scientific evidence that shows the lack of the kid's DNA on the gun, as well as the lack of the man's DNA under the kid's fingernails, both of which indicate the man lied in questioning. It doesn't matter for a second who this kid might have been, and no amount of airing out his dirty laundry will change that.

    Think for a second if the kid wasn't black, but instead a teenage white girl. It would cease to be relevant what, if any, exchange occurred between the two, it would be a simple case of this man following this girl home and murdering her. Even with the ridiculous stand your ground laws of Florida, you can not justify inciting violence upon yourself and retaliating with lethal force.
  2. CaptainTripps
    First, let me say that I do think the jury should hear about the THC in Mr. Martins system. But using aggression as the basis of relevance is likely to backfire. Most people have had some experience with marijuana whether their own use, or the use of family or friends. It is a very common belief that marijuana makes you laid back and actually non aggressive. The stereotype of the typical pot smoker is a peace loving loser. This makes it look like the defense is grasping at straws. The defense is using the wrong BS.

    A better argument would be to point out that by definition Mr. Martin is a criminal. This helps support the argument that Mr. Martin was up to no good. It is important to Mr. Zimmerman's defense to show that Mr. Martin was not a "good kid" who was profiled by a redneck vigilante, but rather a "criminal type", who was justifiably confronted by a concerned citizen. That things simply got out of control, possibly due to poor judgement on the part of Mr. Martin, brought on by his drug use.

    In short it makes more sense to use the marijuana use to attack Mr. Martins character, rather than to explain his actions.

    I don't think the defense is going to have trouble showing that Mr. Martin attacked Mr. Zimmerman. The question is going to be did Mr. Zimmerman provoke the attack. Was he looking for a situation where he could use deadly force, under the "stand your ground law". Or was he simply a concerned citizen who stuck his nose in a matter that should have been left for the police and then got in over his head, leading to the unfortunate death of Mr. Martin.

    Anyway, only two people actually know what happened and one of them is dead. What we are are going to get is 6 people handing down what they think is justice. I think if the only two choices are murder 2 and an acquittal, no real justice will be done. I am glad I am not on the jury. Oh, the reason I think the drug use should be admitted is that I believe that when someone is on trial for a charge that could bring life in prison, they should be allowed to present the broadest possible defense. It should be up to the jury to call bullshit.
  3. Alien Sex Fiend
    I ve experienced a panic attack turn into a physical fight for no reason when i used to smoke heavily in high school. I ve seen others get in fights for the same reason. Cannabis is a psychedelic substance which could lead to a panic attack for no other reason than set and setting and a panic attack could turn into violence as a fight or flight response. but really how often does this happen? very rare. im talking about persons who used to smoke 4times a day for 5 years and only had this situation twice or so. compare this to persons u know who drank once a week for last 5years and count how many times they got cheesed? 20+?
  4. FamousLastX
    The best part is this type of thing isn't even relevant to the case at all. Just another obviously example of placing blame on the victim and attempting to justify it with anything that they can. I'd say worse was then mere hours after the verdict was Zimmerman's brother going on air for an interview and saying these asinine things. Like seriously, I don't know that anyone can even attempt to justify this? Your brother just got let go after murdering (Sorry killing I should say, after all he isn't a convicted murderer, but him shooting and killing Trayvon isn't disputed) a 17 year old child, and the very first thing you go do after the verdict, is go on air to try and deface a dead teenage boy with some asinine trivial irrelevant and unsubstantiated claims? Not sure if I can post links so here's the direct quote that is just one of many that I had a HUGE problem with, but the one that is most relevant to this thread: ""I want to know if it's true, and I don't know if it's true, that Trayvon Martin was looking to procure firearms, or growing marijuana, or looking to make lean?" Like...seriously? What the hell is wrong with this stupid ass brother?
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