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Georgia bans MJ flavored candy to minors

By nEone, May 7, 2008 | | |
  1. nEone
    This one is easy to mock - though I'm not sure I entirely disagree with the intent of the ban - seems the same as selling whiskey flavored lollypops or candy cigarettes - particularly since the ban is for persons under 18 - thus implying that MJ, like liquor and tobacco is inappropriate for minors to consume - but not adults.

    But the good Senator from Georgia's name just gave me a chuckle in this context.

    From Action News 2 - WSB TV:


  1. aerozeppelin123
    Senator Doug Stoner haha lmao
  2. Raw edge
    What they banned whiskey flavoured lollies

    actually never heard of them. Wen only banned candy cigarettes here a year ot two ago. Wish they would ban those candy tooth brushes they are the most vile sickly sweet things ever.
  3. nEone
    I've never seen whiskey flavored candy actually - I was just using that as an example of something that, while seemingly benign would not necessarily be appropriate for a minor. Like anatomically correct Care Bear dolls or Street Walker Barbie - funny, but not really appropriate for kids.
  4. Mint boi
    Eh, in Ireland at least there is a girls doll, its a baby boy, it has a penis, it pees, it freaks me out.
    I tried a Cannabis lolly once, kinda sucked...
  5. moda00
    Oh my...
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