German police paid informant in drugs

By witchychick · Jan 3, 2009 · ·
  1. witchychick
    German Police Paid Informants in Drugs

    Police in the north German city of Bremen have been paying informants in drugs. The practice may have helped fight drug crime but was itself illegal -- six officers are now under investigation.

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    If you want information out of someone, then it makes sense to give them something they really want in return. With police informants from the drug scene, what better reward than narcotics themselves? But, as six German police officers have discovered, there's one small problem with the approach -- it's completely illegal.

    The public prosecutor's office in the north German city of Bremen announced Wednesday that it is investigating six police officers for using drugs to "pay" their informants. Between 2003 and 2007, the accused are said to have compensated contacts in the drug scene with marijuana and hashish for information on drug offenses.

    On Tuesday, the six officers were interrogated and their homes and offices were searched. Marijuana and hashish were found in the offices, and an illegal firearm was found in one officer's home.
    One of the officers is alleged to have misappropriated 15 grams of confiscated marijuana for his own purposes during a drug bust in May 2007. In the same year, an officer is said to have got an informant to pass on 500 grams of marijuana to a suspected dealer. The dealer was later arrested by police after he had received the drugs.

    Bremen's chief of police, Eckard Mordhorst, said that, in addition to the public prosecutor's investigation, disciplinary action would be taken against the accused. In two cases, suspension is being considered. None of the six will be allowed to work in plain clothes operations again, he said.
    Mordhorst emphasized that although rewarding informants for information is common practice, they are paid exclusively in cash -- not drugs.,1518,538316,00.html

    ( Article from feb 2008 but could not find any info on searches here and felt it was interesting enough to post :) )

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  1. teddybearpicnics
    Wow all they get is no more undercover missions. This is so fucked. The dude has an illegal firearm and drugs, swim doesn't know about germany but in the US that is a felony and he would be going away ::if he wasn't an officer:: for a long time. Swim hates narcs! And wonders how any narc could live with themselves for setting someone up, and then getting some of the same drug they set dude up for!?


  2. yaba
    Swim doesn't mined the police even the undercover ones, he hates the criminals turning informants !!!!

    Its either the one or the other not both !
  3. dutch-marshal
    SWIM thinks the police does this all the time..
  4. ConcertaXL
    police fuck up the drug trade... if they rebelled against the Govt there would be no way of enforcing drug prohibition even if the people in power wanted it. snitches/undercovers are the reason why people use "SWIM" on this site, they are no better than deceitful scum who need to find a proper job. i would never snitch a dealer in order to get off a penalty for possession, its despicable.
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