Germany bans Spice after finding CP 47.497 analog as active drug

By Alfa · Jan 22, 2009 · Updated Jan 22, 2009 · ·
  1. Alfa
    Germany Bans Cannabis-Like Drug Spice

    Germany has banned the cannabis-like drug Spice because of its potential danger to health, an announcement by the ministry of health said Wednesday.

    Manufacturing, possession and dealing in the drug will be a criminal offence from Thursday, the statement said. Spice has enjoyed growing popularity among young people in Germany where it has been sold as a natural herbal mixture, thus circumventing anti-drug laws.

    But tests showed some Spice products contained the potentially harmful chemical called CP-47.497, which has the same effects as the natural psychoactive substance in cannabis, but is up to four times stronger. Other Spice-like products, like 'Smoke' & 'Genie' contained the drug JWH-018.

    "Spice is not harmless and needs to be withdrawn from circulation quickly," said Health Minister Ulla Schmidt.

    Drug Commissioner Sabine Baetzing said it had been proven that the manufacturers of Spice had laced the natural herbs with a synthetic narcotic drug.

    "Selling Spice as a harmless smoking fragrance is fraudulent," she said.

    Tests have shown that smoking the drug can cause hallucinations and lead to undesirable side affects such as panic attacks and nausea.

    Various Cp 47.497 analogs and JWH-018 have been classified as a controlled substance. A second law also classified the products Genie and Smoke as medicines. The medicine ban, which carries a fine for those who ignore it, will remain in force for 12 months until a more permanent law is introduced.

    DPA news agency (nda)

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  1. shaman_DE_85
    Was there a full list of the new classified?
  2. Alfa
    They scheduled the following substances: JWH-018, CP 47.497 and the following Carbon-6, Carbon-8 and Carbon-9 analogs of CP 47.497.
    The made Genie and Smoke a medicine, which may mean that all products with similar contents as Genie and Smoke are illegal as well. I have understood that smoke contained JWH-073, which would mean that many other products like Sence would now also be illegal in Germany, but I can not be sure about this.
  3. shaman_DE_85
    nobody could say nowadays :(, everything gettin watched drugs, chems, i'm too late...:thumbsdown:
  4. akack2
  5. Alfa
    Different analysis get different results. Likely it contains both. The analysis above (from the University of Freiburg) showed Smoke to contain JWH-018. The analysed the blood of participants, because for some reason they could not analyse Spice trough normal methods.
  6. bravedog
    [unable to delete]
  7. bravedog
    U. Freiburg report attached.

    Attempt at summary: Univ. Freiburg analysed only Spice Silver, Spice Gold, Spice Diamond, Yucatan Fire, Smoke, Sence, and Skunk. They found JWH-018 [Compound 3] in all but Sence; they seem to say amounts found were extremely variable and it wasn't detected at all in some packets and was not the main active in Spice versions. CP 47,497 [Compound 4] was found only in Sence. Two close analogs of CP 47,497 [Componds 1 and 2, 1 being weaker and possibly synthed as a byproduct, indicating they believe 2 was deliberately synthed] were found in all but Smoke and Skunk and believed the main active in those. Smoke and Skunk seemed to have JWH-018 as main active but unlike others tested also contain oleamide they seemed to think might contribute to activity[Compound 6].
    Unlike THC Pharm, which appears to have tested only for JWH-018 and WIN 55212, this analysis appears based on identifying GCMS spikes, so is more likely comprehensive, though this is still not certain. For this reason it is surprising US Customs claims detection of HU-210 as it seems it should have been detected in this analysis. However, Customs has not identified the blends in which it claims to have detected this so the possibility exists it was in other blends. Hope this helps
  8. Alfa
    So in only a few of the spice silver, gold & diamond samples they found minute amounts of JWH-018. The main active of spice is a CP47.497 analog, but there seems to be some other CP47.497 analog present.

    Yucatan fire contains a CP 47.497 analog and a moderate amount of JWH-018.
    Sence contains CP 47.497
    Smoke and skunk contain JWH-018

    This only adds to the confusion!

    Lets assume that they are right and that Spice is CP 47497 or an analog of it. The duration of CP47.497 is about 6 hours, so that seems right. THe duration of the CP 47.497 analog is likely in the same range.
    However experience reports of sence clearly indicate a much shorter duration!

    Am I missing something here?
  9. enquirewithin
    The plot thickens.... but all the 'incenses' seem very similar to SWIM. They all may last for many hours, but the peak effects are fairly brief.
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