Germany to Ban Cannabis-Like Drug Spice

By Alfa · Dec 30, 2008 · ·
  1. Alfa
    The production, trade and sale of the in-drug "Spice" will likely be illegalized from January under German narcotics laws, the country's federal drugs commissioner said in Berlin on Tuesday.

    Sabine Baetzing of the Social Democrats (SPD) said that new studies of the herbal drug had shown a synthetic material named JWH-018 was used in its production. The chemical was found to be four times stronger than THC, the natural psychoactive substance contained in cannabis.

    She also said that spice contained several other unknown elements, which could be harmful when smoked.

    "It has been confirmed that the fashion-drug Spice is indeed not the harmless herbal mixture its manufacturers say it is," Baetzing said. "Tests have shown that smoking the drug can cause undesirable side affects on the heart, circulation and nervous system, in some cases leading to unconsciousness. There is also a danger of addiction."

    Offenders under the drug's new classification could face fines or jail terms.

    Authorities in several European countries have taken a closer look at the drug since it became popular in early 2008.

    The drug -- also known as "Spice Silver," "Spice Gold," "Spice Diamond," "Spice Arctic Synergy" and "Spice Yukatan Fire" -- was made illegal in Austria earlier this month.

    Baetzing said the ban would take the form of a decree modifying the Controlled Substances Act. It would remain in force until parliament acts on a long-term ban, probably within the space of one year.,,3910421,00.html

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  1. dutch-marshal
    is this true? SWIM highly doubts that..
    we can post a whole lot of substances that do exactly that and are 100% legal:confused:
  2. Alfa
  3. witchychick
    god they will be banning everything...
    what about sugar. that is legal and bad for you...
    what about smoking ( oh they have already done that lol )
    this is ridiculous. so many things we injest everyday have effects on us, and some people are unlucky and react.
    where is the proof that this is even addictive?
  4. Euthanatos93420
    Check out Codex Alimentarius. They already are working on prohibiting vitamins and nutrients as absurd as it sounds but then so is the prohibition of a Terra-endogenous plant. Fahrenheit 451; 1984; It's not the far off.
  5. Dr. NO
    AW: Germany to Ban Cannabis-Like Drug Spice

    Spice manufacturer sends statement about the coming ban to their sales partners:

    I found these information in a german forum, posted by a headshop owner who requestet a statment from "the psyche deli" about the accusation from the german authorities.
  6. Alfa
    I had heard of this email, but not seen it. I have understood that this email originates from Organic-Worx, the producer of 'Smoke' (So a competitor of The Psyche Deli) and contained links to their website. It was not written by The Psyche Deli. The Psyched Deli is preparing a reaction. I was promised a copy and will post this here.
  7. Alfa
    Recent news articles mention that the ban has been slightly postponed from mid January to the end of January.
  8. Alfa
    Bavaria bans Spice and similar products

    The German state; Bavaria has banned all products that contain JWH-018 and related compounds. Blends with cannabis-alike additives have been brought under the medicines act. Trade in Spice, Smoke, Sence and similar products is banned from now on.

    In December 2008, the Bavarian ministry of Health and Food Safety has found the synthetic cannabinoid JWH-018 in Spice. Even artificial cannabis-like compounds have the potential to be addictive. The long term effects are not known.

    The new Fashiondrug "Spice" is a herbal mixture of at least 9 herbs, which have been marketed since 2003, under the name spice gold and was originally sold as an insence.

    Since the summer of 2008, the consumption of Spice increased. It was also found that an increasing number of young people smoke the herbal blend in a joint or a bong. This herbal mixture is not harmless. In minute quantities it can cause disturbances of perception and the circulatory system.

    The Bavarian Ministry of Health has immediately classified the products as medicines and such finished products need government approval before they can be sold, in accordance with section 21 para 4 of the Medicines Act (AMG).

    The ministry of Health must assume that other Spice-mixtures and comparable products (Read: Sence, Smoke, Zohai, etc) contain pharmacological active substances like JHW-018 and therefore also are illegal drugs.

    The medicines act specifically prohibits releasing unapproved medicines to the market. Therefore Bavaria has ordered a blanket ban of such drugs by scheduling them as controlled substances. ​

    Source: Bavarian ministry of Health
  9. guldenat
    Germany bans drug "Spice"

    Germany bans drug "Spice"

    BERLIN—Germany's health minister says the government has banned the production, sale or possession of a synthetic marijuana-like drug known as "Spice." Health Minister Ulla Schmidt says Spice must "quickly be taken out of circulation." Wednesday's ban takes effect Thursday and comes weeks after German health officials found the drug contained a synthetic ingredient similar to marijuana.
    Germany is the fourth nation to ban the substance, marketed as an herbal room-freshener, after Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland.
    Officials say Spice is typically rolled into cigarettes and smoked. It is usually sold in 3-gram packages for around euro30 ($39).

    The Associated Press
    Posted: 01/21/2009 02:31:18 AM PST
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