Get 'n' Stoned - Part 1

By Rhin · Jul 11, 2008 ·
  1. Rhin
    OK so SWIM has been thinking about how he would go about recording some of the things he does when he is stoned whether it's listening to amazing music or going on an adventure he want's to write it here so in the future he can see what he used to do and so other people can get ideas to have fun.

    The first blog will be a little bit about some of the things SWIM remembers from a few different days, after this he will have one for each day he get's stoned. (Not just high, he has to be just wasted.)

    Day 1
    - This wasn't the first day SWIM got stoned but this is the day SWIM smoked the best weed of his life. He got home early one day and found his step moms stash so he took 4 roaches and him and a friend waterfalled them all by the river. After that he realized he was more stoned than he had been ever before. He walked down a road which was covered in grass with trees on both sides of him and it looked like the road didn't end either way they walked. Once they got to the end of this seemingly endless road there was a small bridge that was about 4 meters long and it dropped about 4 meters that SWIM and his friend sat on. When they were on the side of this bridge it they looked down and they saw the rocks and they could picture themselves falling in. They were shaking so bad it was hard for them to get off the bridge, after about 5 minutes they got off and they were back to normal but for some reason they loved the adrenaline it gave them! So they smoked another bowl and did it again with about the same effect just not as good.

    Day 2
    - SWIM was down at Midsummer Music Festival and he was bored so he walked around looking for weed when he saw 4 of his friends they were also looking for weed. So SWIM walked with them and met the most stoned hippie SWIM has ever seen! SWIM asked if he could buy a 20 bag of dope so the hippie gave him some but he told the hippie the bag was a little light so he doubled it and he had a $30 bag. So SWIM and 2 friends go back to hotbox his friends tent and he has to say he got so ripped and had so much fun just listning to music and talking to other people who hated the music. (SWIM loved it because he was stoned) When SWIM was walking home from midsummer (2 hour walk) he started walking down some random trail to smoke a bowl and a bear came out of no were, for the first 3 seconds he laughed his ass off until he realized there was a big ass bear in front of him. Then SWIM turned and walked home for the night.

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