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Get 'n' Stoned - Part 2

By Rhin, Jul 13, 2008 | |
  1. Rhin
    OK so lately (It's summer) SWIM has been getting stoned ALOT and he's liking it but he only has time to tell you guys one story but this was one he want's to remember.

    OK so it's about 10 P.M. and SWIM and a couple friends decided to go out to get stoned. They had a nice Quarter Ounce so they went down to a rocky beach by the river with trees around them. It was nice and SWIM loved it, the setting was amazing.

    So they smoked about 5 bowls out of SWIM's big glow in the dark bong and then SWIM saw a light flash and for some reason no one else saw it but about a minute later Bat's came from every were! There were so many of them just flying around every were and SWIM was really enjoying it. But then SWIM's friend started freaking out and that just wrecked it for SWIM, SWIM was scared but he likes to enjoy the adrenaline he get's from it.

    So SWIM and friends pack up and start walking back home down a pure black road that has one road light at the end of it. It was very trippy he looked down it and was amazed, he pictured a scary movie were someone walks down the wrong street and then get's shanked (The streets actual name that he was on was "Elm Street") so SWIM wasn't taking any chances, so he lit up a bowl and walked down the street.



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