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  1. beena
    Getting Clean…
    Honey, we have to admit
    That we’re deep in the shit
    We’re stuck in the mire
    Consequences are dire
    A life of addiction
    Is causing us friction
    And our future looks bleak
    Professional help we should seek
    We could go to meetings
    There’s plenty of seating
    Show some promise
    At Narcotics Anonymous
    Or we could talk to Frank…


  1. darkglobe
    Is it wrong I laughed so hard at your poem? Fuckin' A!
  2. savingJenniB
    DG, are you trying to be Frank???

    Nice poem BEENA ~
    I can relate!
  3. Fight Club
    beena - assume that Frank in the last line of your poem is your connect? BTW - I would have a hard time getting clean looking at your profile pic everday . . .

  4. beena
    Fight Club ... In the UK there is a drugs advice agency called Frank and in their adverts that are on tv, radio and poster billboards over here the tagline is always '...talk to Frank', so that is what I am referring to in the last line of my poem. :thumbsup:
  5. sylenth
    that's what i've said before fight club... 'the profile pic' :confused:
  6. Ididnotinhale
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