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  1. dormouse95
    I'm not sure where to start here. A bit of information about my habit-my addiction-would help.

    I have been taking Phenibut for about a year now. I have PTSD, (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder,) General Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, OCD, (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder,) and Major Depressive Disorder, (which is the doctor's language way of saying I've had depression a long time). So....with the depression, I really shouldn't have taken this at all, but with the anxiety disorders, damn did it help. That's what just gets me so down sometimes. I finally find something that helps, and then I have to get off of it.

    I really did/do need to get off of it though, because my habit had gotten way too high. I was taking 4.5 grams a day-sometimes closer to 5 grams-and it made my heart race when I took it. (I took it all at once.) I felt sick and anxious/panicked whenever the Phenibut wasn't actively working in my body.

    So, I'm working my way off it, with some help from my doctor. He's given me some Baclofen to help-told me he wouldn't prescribe over 20mg a day, but otherwise is letting me decide how to go down, when to go up on the Baclofen. He started me off at 15mg a day, (I realize now I didn't need that heavy a dose in the beginning,) said off the bat he didn't know anything about Phenibut and was guessing here at how much I needed. I later found out when a friend showed me a case study that the ratio of Baclofen to Phenibut is roughly 8-10mg of Baclofen per gram of Phenibut. I showed my doctor, but he refused to give me more than 20mg throughout the entire withdrawal. He's pretty pissed that I didn't tell him I was taking Phenibut a long time ago-which I have to understand the anger there. At least he gave me some, I'm grateful for that.

    The plan originally was to go down every couple days by 400mg to 600mg and see how I do. If I need to stay in one place for longer, I would stay there.


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