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GHB precursors now illegal in France

  1. frost458


  1. Alfa
    The Netherlands have moved GHB up from Schedule II to schedule I, which means that production and preparation is now also illegal. So having GBL and other precursors available can lead to prosecution.
  2. Seraph
    The harmala alkaloids, syrian rue seeds and caapi vine are illegal in France so I just assume that everything is illegal in France if syrian rue seeds of all things are illegal there.

    'OMFG, that man has syrian rue seeds, get him before he potentiates his trip'
  3. frost458
    everything is not illegal, there is many legal things.

    however it is illegal to "get wasted" or "trip" with anything else than alcohol.
    If your house, car or you get searched by the cops and find something that you can get wasted with but is legal.

    you will probably get prosecuted as if it was a "hard" drug, the cops only have to think that you will abuse it to get you prosecuted.

    so even if it's legal, they can do what they want.
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