Girl Dies from 'dodgy' E

By sky_man · Apr 27, 2009 · ·
  1. sky_man
    I know the details are a bit sparse but this has hit a little close to home. When SWIM first saw the article last night they were a bit shocked as he'd taken pills over the weekend himself. He'd had 4 between 10.30pm and 3.00 am on Friday and discovered they were quite stronger than expected, especially as 24 hours later SWIM was yet to come down. Of course, due to this SWIM decided to carry on Saturday night and have another two.

    The next day he saw the article and considered himself lucky, unfortunately today SWIM learnt that the girl that died was a close friend of one of his friends.

    I know it's probably a little soon to jump to conclusions but SWIM has really been put off taking E now.

    Apparently it was this girls first time and she'd only taken half. SWIM finds it hard to believe this sort of thing is still happening in this day and age considering how weak most pills are nowadays compared to the heyday of the early 90s.

    Until the post mortem results come in, any speculation as to what the cause of death would likely to be?

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  1. Rightnow289
    How irresponsible is it to say these pills are dangerous then not giving a description of what they look like.
  2. sky_man

    Oh I know, I emailed the local paper that reported it to say just that. What's more sick is that she was admitted at 4am Sunday morning, just a few hours later one of her so called 'friends' ran straight to the papers to sell the story. It was even in The Sun.
  3. LaurenMac17
    I do know the girl you talk of amongst many, many others(with the exception of the scum who call them selves "friends", yet are prepared to f**king sell out!) ...Gutted does not come close! Her family and kids are absolutely devastated to say the least.. RIP X
  4. blipblop
    So basically they just say that nobody should take illegal drugs, not a word about the fact that ecstasy doesn't actually kill people unless it's cut with something or combined. Where's the "we're going to crack down on dealers who put lethal chemicals in pills and pass them off as otherwise harmless substances"? And I'm so f***ing mad that they didn't give a description of the pills. They don't even say that they're going to try to track down the batch and destroy it before someone else dies! That would AT LEAST give the dodgy dealer incentive to destroy the evidence instead of selling it off to more innocent people.
  5. CoryInJapan
    What we are missing here is how this story proves that making these things illegal is whats causing it.

    Persay if MDMA were legal then she would have known the dose and that its pure MDMA instead of some pill from some guy who says it E.

    Which swim personaly thinks MDMA should be a controlled substance like Alcohol and Tobacco


    No more pills that are 25%mdma 25%Cut 50% filler

    But hey swim says cannabis should be legal and obama laughs
  6. sky_man
    There was an update on the story in the paper.

    She had a heart attack, according to her partner she'd taken 'several' recreational drugs including ecstacy
  7. Alfa
    Please post the story here. Not the link alone, but the whole story please.
  8. sky_man
    I don't have enough posts to post a link, tried to get round it but it wouldn't let me.

    sky_man added 0 Minutes and 59 Seconds later...

    THE final hours of a tragic young mum who died after taking killer dance drug Ecstasy have been revealed.
    Tributes have poured in for Emma Poag, 27, who died earlier this week after falling ill at her Blackpool home.

    An inquest was told how Kevin Thompson woke up to find his fiancee having a heart attack.

    Miss Poag was asleep in bed at her home in Bela Grove, central Blackpool, when she went into cardiac arrest.

    Paramedics were called and Mr Thompson told them the 27-year-old accounts clerk had taken "several" recreational drugs.

    The death led to police putting out an alert there may be a dangerous batch of Ecstasy being sold on the Fylde coast.

    Coroner's Officer PC Ken Lord told the court: "The deceased's partner awoke to find her unresponsive.

    "Paramedics arrived and found she was in cardiac arrest.

    "Her partner told them she had taken several recreational drugs recently, including Ecstasy.

    "She was taken to Blackpool Victoria Hospital and transferred to the intensive care unit but died shortly afterwards.

    "On Thursday, a post mortem examination was carried out by home office pathologist Mark Sissons and we are awaiting the results of a toxicology report.

    "The death is not being treated as suspicious following a police investigation."

    Miss Poag had a boy Kallum and girl Alisha, who are both under 10 years old and are now being cared for by family members.

    It is believed she had been in her terrace home with Mr Thompson – the father of her children – and two other people on the night before she died.

    Mr Thompson woke to find her in difficulties around 4am.

    Family and friends submitted 21 separate tributes to be published in The Gazette, all grieving the loss of a young woman described as "a loving mummy", "beloved daughter" and "wonderful sister".

    Jazz and Jay Wass described Miss Poag as "bubbly, courageous and devoted".

    "She rocked our world with her energy, passion and contagious laughter," it added.

    Messages have also been left on the social networking site Facebook.
    Rob Fergus said: "Life is way too short. R.I.P. Emma."

    Danielle Jones added: "You are my babe, I will always love you mate."

    Angie Parkinson said: "Life is so short. God only knows. R.I.P. Emma, my curly haired lady."

    On her profile page, Ellen Whiteley wrote: "Beautiful Emma.

    "We will miss you so much. Shine down on your babes.

    "They will never forget you."

    Matthew Walton added: "R.I.P. Emma, really gonna miss you.

    "You have been a great friend and Godmother."

    Chantelle Vickers said: "Still can't believe it. Rest in Peace Emma."

    Blackpool coroner Anne Hind has adjourned the case for "two to three months" while she awaited results of toxicology tests as well as further inquiries being carried out.
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