Girl Expelled For Selling Party Pills (NZ)

By ~lostgurl~ · Nov 21, 2006 · ·
  1. ~lostgurl~
    Girl Expelled For Selling Party Pills


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    A 14-year-old Christchurch schoolgirl has been expelled for taking and selling party pills at school.

    The Linwood College student and two other girls were discovered after their erratic behaviour gave them away, Linwood principal Rob Burrough told The Press.

    She had got the pills, restricted to people over 18, from a family friend.

    After meeting with the girl's parents, she was kicked out. The other two pill-popping schoolgirls were stood down for two days.

    "I'm appalled to think that party pills were at school but our investigation sort of showed that seemed to be a one-off, so part of our thinking was to make a firm stand to discourage any others from acting similarly," Mr Burrough told the newspaper.

    "It was just a bit of curiosity but we saw it as far more serious than that."

    A shop selling the benzylpiperazine-containing pills opened near the school in September, which was putting temptation in the way of his students, Mr Burrough said.,,11964-6597778,00.html
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  1. Riconoen {UGC}
    Woah that's a bit too far in my book, swim remebers some girls selling ritalin iin high school who got off with a weeks suspension.
  2. ~lostgurl~
    SWIM remembers classmates being caught with cannabis and only getting suspended. SWIM agrees, this is very OTT, just to "make a firm stand to discourage any others from acting similarly" She's 14, give the kid a break!
  3. AntiAimer
    She got what she deserved, even at the age of 14 she should have some common sense. Smurf knows he did. Selling and takeing them at school, she should have thought about it and did both after school if anything. Also, Smurf likes how there aiming the blame on the shop that open close to the school, what crap. They wouldn't do that if some shopping store was close by and she was drinking and selling alcohol or cigs. Wonder what happen to the family member if anything for provideing to a minor?
  4. Riconoen {UGC}
    but shes only 14 for gods sake people do stupid shit when they're that young. it was over the top and they ruined her future. a suspension and a lecture would have cut it.
  5. AntiAimer
    Wait wait wait, they ruined her future?????:eek: Yeah im sure it's a conspiracy and they forced her to do it.:snort:
  6. artisian
    a friend of swim that was still in high school recently got expelled for selling clonazepam and trying to pass them off as banana peels. Everyone at the school ratted him out and he took all the blame for everything. Sucks for him because he had to move away.
  7. Fish Cookies
    Like people have said, shes 14, people make mistakes and as someone under 16 or even under 18 she should be given a suspension and a talking too. Maybe even some help from a counsellor or something else to tell her why its wrong. If she does it again then something further happens, but to get rid of her immediately is just showing the schools crap ability to guide their students!
  8. Paracelsus
    [first part deleted due to stupid misunderstanding]

    The principle went too far in saying that the headshop was putting a temptation in the way of "his" students. Considering the girl didn't even get the pills from the headshop.
  9. Fish Cookies
    lol, i didn't realise it was a christchurch school. How ridiculous, glad i don't have to put up with this.
  10. Micklemouse
    Lol! Christchurch is a city in New Zealand, which is where the school is! Nothing to do with religion! It's where she lives, the poor, dumb kid.
  11. Paracelsus
    Oops! I thought it was a private christian school. Sorry for my lack of knowledge. Crap.
  12. angeliclight
    As a teacher I must say that drugs are rampant around here, even in the middle school where I teach. Not to mention guns. Or kids that stand up and shout, "Fuck you Ms. " and throw graded papers in your face. When I was in high school half of my friends were dropping LSD while in class...which was rather funny at times. I didn't experiment until much later. At this point I think that action was rather rash. What was the poor girls history at the school? One thing I hate....Administrators. They rule us like they rule the kids. Doesn't anyone talk anymore? Communicate?
  13. AntiAimer
    She'll probably have to be home schooled. Ha ha, I was thinking it was a private school too.
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