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Giuliani, Romney, McCain Offered $10,000 to Prove Statements on Medical Marijuana

By moose190, Dec 17, 2007 | Updated: Dec 17, 2007 | | |
  1. moose190
    News Long Island

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  1. Kodi
    Wow, I plan to follow this one up.

    Any others think that they will either ignore them, or say something like "I don't need your money...blah blah blah....political bullshit...blah blah blah....pots bad.....etc"
  2. Nature Boy
    I'd like to see this gain more publicity. McCain and Giuliani's popularity is dwindling at the moment but Romney seems to have a good answer for everything in most interviews I've seen. I'd like to see him pressured into giving a proper response about this. Naturally he's highly conservative but he does seem to have smart financial agendas.
  3. fnord
    this is a great idea.cant wait to see them sweep this under the rug.i doubt they will respond.
  4. stinky_plant
    I love this bit

    "Marinol (a synthetic form of THC) is classified as a schedule III controlled substance while marijuana is classified as schedule I — despite the fact that Marinol contains a THC metabolite that is three times more psychoactive than the THC delivered to the lungs by smoked cannabis."— American Pain Foundation, American Medical Women's Association, Lymphoma Foundation of America, American Nurses Association, California Nurses Association, AIDS Action Council, National Women's Health Network, Doctors of the World-USA, Gay Men's Health Crisis, Amici Curiae in Support of Petitioner, Ross v. Ragingwire, 2006 WL 3244938 (August 7, 2006 Appellate Brief).
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