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Give meow meow to clubbers says former drug czar

By Kotton Morrison, Mar 26, 2010 | Updated: Mar 27, 2010 | | |
  1. Kotton Morrison
    A government drugs czar sacked over his views on cannabis today said drugs should be given out in nightclubs.

    Professor David Nutt claims that giving MDMA and mephedrone out in nightclubs could be safer that forcing people to buy from drug dealers.

    In an interview with the Evening Standard he said he believed the approach would be “a very good way of reducing harm across the board”.

    The call comes as a report on mephedrone is due to be presented to ministers next week. The Government has pledged to “take any action” needed over the drug, also known as meow meow, after two teenage friends died within hours of each other after taking the “legal high”.

    Louis Wainwright, 18, and Nicholas Smith, 19, are thought to have taken the drug during a night out together, and died the following day.

    “I wouldn't be against exploring the possibility of some sort of regulated use for MDMA or mephedrone where people, maybe in clubs, could have access to small amounts, safe amounts under guidance,” Professor Nutt said. It would probably be safer than what we're doing at present.”

    Mark Prigg, Science and Technology Editor (Evening Standard)

    "This is related to the last story swim posted it was the part on the front of the newspaper not the two page double spread. About the link swim is only a newbie so not allowed to post links but last time swim posted he was reminded of the rule to add links. Swim apoliges if he did the wrong thing here and put spaces in the link."


  1. kimotag
    The papers will totally pillory Nutt for saying this, but as usual his attitude is actually more sensible than the governments! Personally I would not want to see
    drugs actually given out in clubs. I would rather they be legal, but tightly regulated and sold through chemists.
  2. Kotton Morrison
    Bear in mind this is from a paper the evening standard which is of now a free newspaper so not taking as seriously as the mail or something but still a paper. I don't think they any newspapers will have a go at him though they will just ignore his point of view. But good on the Evening standard for publishing this.
  3. Alfa
    The mail? Taking that serious??? You must be kidding.
  4. EyesOfTheWorld
    Much as I don't care for mephedrone, doesn't the fact that two people who dosed from the same batch over one weekend died (while, presumably, tens of thousands of other UK partiers got fucked out of their heads on different batches all weekend and all lived suggest that either:

    1: The particular batch these two were dosing from was contaminated, cut, or not mephedrone at all (imagine 10 grams of MDPV mislabeled and sent to someone, inexperienced of course, that was expecting 10 grams of mephedrone...........see ya!)


    2: These particular partiers broke one or more of the Rules of Taking 4-MMC And Surviving to do it Again, such as:

    * Truly ungodly doses. You know, since its plant food and all the manufacturers cant tell them what a safe dose is, and probably 90% of drug users havent heard of D-F or Erowid

    * Ridiculous redosing. Taking totally acceptable doses like 200-250 mg and then taking them again, and again and again

    * Combining it with other powerful drugs, like other RCs, cocaine, heroin. pharmaceuticals, real speed, real MDMA etc
  5. Kotton Morrison
    Hahaha dont worry I don't take it seriously at all, I ment that the general public take it seriously, unfortunatly. If that story came out in the mail and not a free evening paper it would be by the massess taken more seriously and be seen by more people. Thats what i think would be the case anyway.

    yes I agree its extremely unlikely two friends died from purely mephedrone in the same night. I saw an interview with the police about it and was amazed at how little evidence for a purely mephdrone related death occurred. The policeman just said " we have reason to believe they were on the legal high meow meow. We believe this is the cause of their deaths." And as little information as that makes front page news. Also people they where with got arrested for selling illegal substances so the chance are they where on other drugs as well.
  6. grecian
    To be fair despite the fact it is a free paper i think it is being taken more seriously now it is owned by Alexander Lebedev as opposed to its previous owners Associated Press (incidentally also owners of the Daily Mail). Circulation, whilst not a gauge of quality or being taken seriously, has more than doubled since the change of ownership. There are many in media circles with high hopes for the Evening Standard and Independent Titles under Lebedev (owner of one of the few pro-democracy Russian papers).

    I would not be suprised to see the Evening Standard and the Independent become increasingly critical of drugs laws and prohibition. Time will tell.

    With regards to Nutt I think you are right, the popular press has had its fun with a very successful smear campaign against him. Unfortunately because of this people will not take his views seriously and journalists who agree with his views will not interview/quote him for fear of facing ridicule themselves.
  7. Hypno-h
    Yes, the powers that be seem to forget that when this is banned, it will go underground and get cut with Gawd knows what, have the price inflated, they wont get the tax on it and people who want to will still keep on taking it.
    You are not telling me with the ban now being imminent that traditional street dealers are not already rubbing their hands in glee and stockpiling for the few weeks that legality remains ready to take advantage and up the pricing when the ban kicks in?
  8. Kotton Morrison
    Spot on when will goverments realise that prohibtion only makes things work. Well maybe they do realise but the general public don't and can't be told otherwise, when told prohibition doesn't work most people get angry and don't listen. So it is probably just a vote winning tactic
  9. missparkles
    How often have the general public been told that drug prohibition doesn't work? Cos I've never heard anyone (in government) say it doesn't. Why do you think people are so anti drug legalisation/decriminilisation...that's right, cos they've listened to the government.

    Either they do, or they don't listen, they can't do both.:s

  10. Kotton Morrison
    ^^^ yes you are correct it is due to the government people are all for prohibition and criminalization. But because people have already been brought up to believe that they find it very difficult to be persuaded otherwise. ( I obviously mean on average obviously there are some open minded people out there.) From viewing the reaction to professor Nutts opinions on not banning substances and saying many drugs are safer than alcohol. I have concluded that it would be way to risky for any government to change there stances on drugs. So due to previous governments current decisions current governments have stick by that otherwise they would lose votes and other political parties would then go on how they will protect our kids and keep drugs illegal.

    So finally to get to the point if i government came out saying we will legalize and control they would lose votes, so they will never do it even if they thing regulation is the best solution.

    This is of course my opinion i hope i am wrong and if a government decided to regulate and not prohibit.
  11. missparkles
    It's gonna take time, but it could be done. Lets face it, people pick up stuff very quickly. Think about it, most people (and kids) know how many units of alcohol they should have in one week. Ten years ago most of them didn't even know alcohol was measured in units. A few well made TV ads, running for a few years could easily reverse the current trend.

    Remember, you don't have to convince people, just challenge their beliefs about drugs, they'll work it out for themselves. Of course you'll always have a few unrealistic and misinformed people who will refuse to believe that drugs can be used safely. But there have been posters here who have shown no respect for substances, and they're just the other side of that misinformed coin, aren't they?

    Having said that, I don't believe mephedrone should be given to people in clubs, cos some people may decide to use it that wouldn't have done, had it not been available. No, the first thing to do is get people comfortable with the idea of drug use, so it has to be decriminalised first.

  12. Kotton Morrison
    I suppose yeah it will take a long time though and i agree i don't think selling it in drugs is the right thing overall especially as many people there a drunk. I have seen many drunk people at parties recently who would never do drugs go "fuck it" and do some. These are people before the party saying "this new mephedrone is legal but is clearly bad for you it fucks people up."

    However yes i agree overtime public opinion can be swayed, it will be long and gradual the key is just to get people to think about it. Rather than just believe its illegal its wrong actually think about why is it illegal then most will hopefully discover the right way is not to prohibit but to control and regulate.

    But another matter is will adverts or anything ever be allowed these things are often aired or drug topics are always bias against to satisfy current general opinion. It will take a producer with some balls to show anything pro legalization for drugs as it may lose viewers for the channel so as of yet it doesn't happen hopefully one day though. But i suppose it is starting to happen with weed more and more people are realizing weed isn't that dangerous so opening there minds to it. And there are starting to be some almost unbiased tv shows about it and wether it should be legalized (In UK don't now about anywhere else.) However with overall drug legalization there is a long long way to go.
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