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Go fast: 700 kg of drug seized but still 32 tons under the sea

By Tamis · Jul 4, 2010 · Updated Sep 11, 2012 ·
  1. Tamis
    We call them “Go Fast”, otherwise known as fast return ticket to convey drug. Four narcotrafiquants transporting 700 kg of cannabis on board a fast boat were intercepted in the night of Thursday to Friday between Morocco and Spain.

    These narcotrafiquants, arrested by the French customs and the national marine, were transferred to the judicial police of Marseilles, who was appointed by the specialized inter-regional jurisdiction (JIRS).

    According to an official statement of the police port authority of the Mediterranean, the smugglers however succeeded in getting rid of part of the cargo, estimated at 1 ton, by throwing it to the sea during the interception.

    Since 2006, 16 tons of drug were seized in the Mediterranean, and 19 Go Fast were intercepted. The police port authority estimates that 32 tons drugs were rejected to the sea.

    These fighting operations against the illicit traffic led since 2006 by the maritime police chief of the Mediterranean, in coordination with the customs, the center of coordination of fight against drugs of the Mediterranean (Ceclad-M) and the SRPJ of Marseilles, are carried out under the authority of the prosecutors of Toulon and Marseilles.



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